Property Blog – Week 613


It’s been another big week in Real Estate

By Miguel De Freitas & Rod Ryan

Away we go. Probably picked the wrong words there as really we can’t go anywhere. You could go to Broome I suppose as our politicians recommend, however what they fail to tell you was that the air fare return from Perth is about $1.2m and your bungalow 5km from cable beach is a thousand bucks a night. Anyway, Bali will open again one day and it will be a case of away we go then.

Back to business, and yes away we go as everyday gets more and more normal with our beloved world of Real Estate really starting to “fire up”. We are doing deals, bringing in new business, and have some exciting new initiatives on the horizon.

We welcome two new men to our residential property management team at our Cockburn Office and they have fitted in tremendously well. Our PM’s are doing a great job and we are really starting to climb again.

We had a call from the Victorian Labour Party this week inquiring if we have any prospective tenants for their Melbourne offices as it appears there is a lot of vacant office space available and parking is not a problem as they have lots of “Stackers” available as well.

Very busy at the moment so we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan & the team at De Freitas & Ryan