Property Blog – Week 620


It’s been another big week in Real Estate

By Miguel De Freitas & Rod Ryan


No you don’t have to give back those houses and factories you purchased from De Freitas & Ryan but you do need to be aware that our company is very proud of the support we have given to a number of W.A charities over the years. But it hasn’t always been about just transferring the monies into an account, we’ve had a lot of fun participating in fundraisers (and highly successful fundraisers I might add) including having our members of staff having their heads shaved and even going as far as having buckets of ice tipped all over them, all in the cause of raising money.

Well as they say, life goes in cycles, so this time it’s the man himself, Miguel De Freitas who has stepped up to the plate or should we say climbed aboard his bike together with his young protege Cristian Federico they are riding 200 kilometres to raise funds for cancer research, right here in W.A via the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. So, watch out for two very young handsome men in lycra pedalling all the way from Attadale to south of Baldivis and back along the freeway on Saturday AND again on Sunday. There is still time for you to donate to the cause by simply clicking on the following link.

Thanks for what you’re doing Miguel and Cristian. It’s a wonderful effort on your behalf.

By the way, Miguel, Cristian and the team have so far raised $32,000 with the total money raised for the event being a whopping $21 million. Fantastic effort to all concerned.

Now the market is pretty much the same as we reported last month with excellent activity in all sections of our company. School holidays slow us down a little, however overall September (minus the footy finals) has been a very busy month.

Our podcast is taking on a life of its own and you should have a look at our website and keep up with all of the latest Real Estate goings on. It is a lot of fun and proving to be very informative.

By the way Miguel and Cristian won’t be in the office on Monday as we have booked them into a day spa to help with their recovery.

Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan & the team at De Freitas & Ryan