Property Blog – Week 604


It’s been another big week in Real Estate

By Miguel De Freitas & Rod Ryan

Just been another big week in Real Estate, and I feel like we are all playing cow boys and indians as everywhere we go our clients are all wearing face masks. In all seriousness this “Coronavirus” is starting to have effect on a lot of our clients, particularly associated with the fishing and mining and travel industries here in WA.  

It’s all a bit scary, as none of us know what these uncharted waters will dish up to us however we will just get on with the job of working hard and doing our best for our clients.

Congratulations to Robert Ryan who successfully completed the “Rotto Swim” last week for the fifth time, and he even did it without a mask on.

February has pretty much come and gone, with mixed results for us however March is going to be a very interesting month with the Coronavirus situation creating concerns.

We’ll catch you again next week after we have gone out and bought a few new masks and hopefully we can have a another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the Team at De Freitas and Ryan