Property Blog – Week 6

By Rod Ryan

Well it doesn’t get much bigger than selling blocks ranging in price from $2.6 Million to $3.9 Million at Port Coogee and congratulations to all concerned for a wonderful result. I think we are all starting to realise how fortunate we are to be living in such a beautiful place, at such a prosperous time and the next 25 years or so, it appears we’ll see an era like never before in Australia.

The Federal Election doesn’t seem to be the distraction it has been in the past and our sales keep ticking over at an excellent rate. Rental properties are still scarce, however we are achieving top rates for the homes we are leasing.

We are thrilled to have made a second appointment in our residential sales division and we look forward to Brendon Howson joining us in early December. Brendon is new to Real Estate, however take note of his name as this young man is going to be something special.

I’m on my way to Thomas Road, Oakford to do an inspection so I’ll catch you next week.

Everyone at De Freitas & Ryan seems to be absolutely flat out and yes “It’s been a big week in Real Estate” .

Rod Ryan