Property Blog – Week 584


It’s been another big week in Real Estate

By Miguel De Freitas & Rod Ryan


Certainly has been another “BIG” week in Real Estate with our Commercial boys and girls getting the “chocolates” with yet another outstanding week in sales. A great effort but it’s not all good news for them as our lovely Madhu is leaving us (she’ll be back) as she is going on maternity leave. Fortunately, we have another star as her replacement but yes Madhu will certainly be missed.

Now “Lukey boy” at Wanneroo Office continues to build his office and Trav at Perth office would like to be doing the same as it has been nearly 2 months since a lovely young lady drove car through his office very early one Saturday morning. Nothing we can do Trav old son, we are in the hands of insurance companies and builders but I promise you mate we should have it all done by Christmas.

We have some new staff on board at Rockingham Office and even though we miss our Kelly, Le-Anne and Casey have fitted in very well. Getting busier and busier at ‘Rockvegas” and Adele is doing a brilliant job of building the business.


I’m flat out at the moment but fortunately I have some great support, so we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.


Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the Team at De Freitas and Ryan