Property Blog – Week 580

It’s been a busy, busy, busy week this week which is a bit unusual as whenever it is school holidays things generally go a bit quiet. We have been doing some really good work which is paying off and well done to all concerned.


Nathan Buckley and Peter Vlahos from 6PR at the Hyatt early this morning.


We were invited along to hear the coach of Collingwood speak at the Hyatt early this morning and hosted by our old mate Peter Vlahos from 6PR, it was a great event. A lot of Collingwood supporters there, so we had to be very careful with our belongings.

We have added Sonshine FM radio 98.5 to our marketing, so if you want to hear us talking property tune in at 5.30pm tonight and have a bit of a “giggle”

Really got to go as I have two appraisals to get sorted this afternoon, so we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the Team at De Freitas and Ryan.