Property Blog – Week 579

It’s been another big week in Real Estate

Property Blog – Week 579

28th June 2019

By Miguel De Freitas & Rod Ryan

It certainly has been a big week in real estate at de Freitas and Ryan, particularly at our Perth office where unfortunately a motor vehicle decided to pay us a visit at 1am on Saturday morning. Sadly, for Travis and all our wonderful staff at Perth office they have had a difficult job doing their real estate in what is now partly a demolition and work site. Fortunately, no one was hurt and we were just lucky that it was 1am in the morning and not 1pm in the afternoon.



All our figures are just about in for the end of the financial year so now it’s over to the “bean counters” to do their thing and we look forward to being able to measure ourselves against our self over the past year’s performance.

We’ve had some quite pleasing results this past week with some really excellent deals coming through, our new sales boy at Cockburn office Navid is doing really well. We feel a bit sorry for Navid because sadly his parents spelt his name wrong when he was born, however I guess it is good to be a little bit different. Word has it there is a large statue at his home in the front garden which is fondly referred to by his family friends and neighbours as the statue as Navid.

Well done to Luke up at our Wanneroo office, as he has just won another gold medal. This time it wasn’t in jiu jitsu but in wrestling so it’s no surprise that he is such a great negotiator. Vicki our new property manager at Wanneroo has settled in really well and all things property management at Wanneroo are going extremely well.

Rod & I checked out some wonderful new apartments in Booragoon last night and it appears that we may get the “gig” when it comes to leasing or selling these wonderful apartments. As I said before we have a lot going on and July is already shaping up to be a very busy month.

We’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan & the team at De Freitas & Ryan.