Property Blog – Week 542

10th August 2018

It’s been another big week in real estate with a couple of big fat sales keeping the home fires burning. Lukey boy up at Wanneroo has just “bowled” one over for in excess of one million dollars and “Migi the Marvel” on his return from maternity leave has even outdone that. We all seem to be busy one day and quiet the next week but when you consider the park across the road from our Rockingham office yesterday looked like an ice skating park in Europe you can understand that people are frozen in time.

Just received an invitation from my old mate Migi to his 40th birthday which is really nice but a bit scary. I first met Migi when I employed him as a sales representative in Fremantle, he was 23 years old and certainly a young man in a hurry. Today he is about to turn 40 and nothing’s changed except that he has a lovely wife, beautiful baby boy, a beard and a few more bob in his pocket. Well done mate, you’re a star and considering I’m 27 years older than you and turn 67 on the same day, I’d really appreciate it if you could arrange a comfortable chair, slippers, hearing aid, eye drops and a pillow for me for when I’m at the function.

Now our man Luke Holmes is in Melbourne this week representing his state in a Martial Arts competition. No matter how much Luke upsets us or carries on we are all too scared to upset him as we might find ourselves flat on our back. Go get em Lukey boy and do us all proud.

Big Trav is on the radio tomorrow, I’ve got two auctions, one in Balcatta and one in Wanneroo and the boys and girls are all busy with home opens.

Just got off the phone from the lovely Maddy at the Rockingham office and she informed me that the ice down there has started to melt. She also mentioned that the phones are ringing and that they are all pretty busy.

Really must go as I’ve got four appointments in the diary so we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in real estate and martial arts.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan.