Property blog – Week 526

20th April 2018

This week’s blog is coming to you from our Wanneroo Office where our business owners Luke & Kayleigh Holmes are doing a great job building their business. They have a great crew onboard helping them including Luke and Kayleigh’s daughter Mia who is on school holidays. We are yet to discuss pay scales with her but in all seriousness it won’t be too long before this exceptional 9 year old will be out there “strutting her stuff” in the wonderful world of Real Estate.










All hands on deck including Mia.

Our Wanneroo office really started off with a “bang” sales wise but we’ve been a bit quiet so far in April. As for rentals though it has been really steady. I’d have to say how impressed we are with the calibre of staff we have at Wanneroo. They are all “home grown” property managers who have been taught by Kayleigh Holmes who in our opinion is the best residential property manager in the state. Kayleigh is exceptional at what she does and her “clones” are doing just brilliantly.

Whilst things generally seem to be a bit “distracted” at the moment due to what in our opinion is all the “ugly finance stuff” coming out of the Royal Commission we have had some exceptional business taking place. Million dollar commercial sales, homes sold under the hammer at auction and requests for our company to take over large strata management in Fremantle.

Anzac Day is nearly upon us and thankful our fantastic staff will get to enjoy another well earned break.

We’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan.