Property Blog – Week 522

23rd March 2018

It has been another big week in Real Estate with some very good results coming in. It is a lot of hard work and to be honest March has proven to be a tough month for us, but we’ve still been able to achieve some results.

Well done to Luke up at Wanneroo Office for his sales this week and well done Sir Milton Coombe for listing another rural property for auction. This time twelve kilometers inland from Busselton at 81 Jacka Road Boallia. The auction is scheduled for Saturday the 26th of May, so if you need a superb 100 acre playground let’s know. I must see if Jacka Road is named after the famous war hero and VC Recipient,  Albert Jacka, but that’s another story.









Navid – You’re a pretty lucky man

Morning tea at De Freitas & Ryan can be quite tasty (except for those people who have type 2 diabetes) and the choice of nibbles can be rather special. Anyway enjoy people and have a great weekend. I think I might have just spotted Gary Stacey putting some in his pocket to take home to his lovely daughter Tisha.

Melita has been listing a lot of new rental properties this month and Rockvegas office with our girls and boys really “firing” down there are doing extremely well. “Big Trav” up in Perth is having a busy month but after last weeks performance on the rodeo we are now calling him Travis “Static” Lindstrom. Migi and I are on the radio tomorrow morning in the studio at 6PR, so listen in and have a bit of a laugh. It’s all good fun but I can’t help it, I still get really nervous.

We have just added another new member to our Commercial team, a young 19 year old who will be working alongside “Migi the Marvel”. Young Felix has just been given the most wonderful opportunity and I’ve got a feeling this “kid” is going to be something special.

Well done to the Tigers last night and hopefully Freo can do the same this weekend. My smart alec brother in law over in just rang me to say that he heard you can’t go swimming at the beach in Fremantle. I asked him why and he said cause don’t have any FLAGS.

We’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan.