Property Blog – Week 576

Well hello. We have no change of government and what a “miracle that was”. As real estate agents with many clients it would be silly of us to discuss politics. However, in this case we feel it is okay as we are talking about an election that was very heavily biased against property people should a Shorten led labor party have gained office. Our clients should be most relieved, as we know we are, that Mr Shorten’s “water pistol” is now pointed at his labor party.

Now that is enough about politics. Our man Trav at our Perth office has just informed me that he has just picked up ten luxury apartments in Crawley across the road from the Swan River for rent. They are for rent for just over the $1000 per week mark and Travis says they are all “magnificent”. Can’t wait to go and have a “Captain Cook” at these very special properties.

With our business continuing to grow we have added some new staff and as a result we are checking the mail box each day waiting to receive our letter of congratulations from the pay roll tax division of the A.T.O. this is the most ridiculous tax ever as it is a penalty for companies like ours for employing people.

Things seem to be going along alright at De Freitas & Ryan so we couldn’t be happier. We are extremely busy and watching our people grow is quite special. We’ll catch you again next week after another big week in real estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the Team at De Freitas & Ryan.