Property Blog – Week 28

By Rod Ryan

Busy. Busy. Busy. If I don’t pick up the dry cleaning today, my wife is going to gong me on the head. This time of the year it usually goes a bit quiet however it’s full steam ahead at De Freitas & Ryan.

We’ve had lots going on this week and our Sales Team has been extremely active. Bill’s a funny bloke, he was telling us at our meeting on Wednesday that he has sold another House & Land Package in Canning Vale but it’s taken him 3 weeks to wrap up this particular deal and about $300 worth of petrol in the ’Mighty Statesman’. Not all of our sales this week have been that hard but we won’t tell Bill that.

Our Auction tomorrow in Reen Street, St. James has attracted a lot of interest and we are confident of an excellent result. It’s close to Curtin University and is a really good ’do-er-upper-a’ or rental investment. Come along at 2pm on Saturday and watch us strut our stuff. Just bring your cheque book and your umbrella.

Dalena, Miguel & I continue to fine tune our business and we’re having a lot of fun. We’ve been working our way through all our systems and it’s amazing the improvements we are making. We’ve got big plans for our business and it is with the future in mind that our General Manager is getting all our structures and systems in place. It really is quite exciting.

The rental market continues to ’over heat’ and as a result our Property Manager is extremely busy. Nuno came to me today to advise me that we manage residential properties in 22 different suburbs and I thanked him for that wonderful piece of information (he’s probably chasing an increase in his car allowance).

I’ve got a 2pm appointment with Nuno today (I better take my car) to list two new properties for lease, one in Spearwood and one in South Fremantle and we’ve added another 5 managements (3 Residential and 2 Commerical) to our portfolio this week.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day so our Sales Team are all taking the day off as it is generally one of the quietest days on our yearly sales calendar. My mum is laid up in hospital in with a bruised hip so I’ll be on the phone for a couple of hours.

We’ve got some excellent new listings so it looks like next week is sure to be, ’Another Big Week In Real Estate’. I’ll catch you then.

Rod Ryan