Property Blog – Week 24

By Rod Ryan

Busy Busy Busy. I mentioned last week that March was the best month our Company has ever had and boy are we paying for it adminsitration wise at the moment. A lot of files, a lot of letters to settlement agents etc.., and a lot of pest and building inspections.

Today we have an audit being done by Michelle from the Real Estate Board and she commented how busy our office was and how good the atmosphere was at De Freitas & Ryan.

Results this week have been down compared to previous weeks however we’ve done some really great work. We’ve listed some major commercial property both for sale and for lease including one in Canning Vale for $725,000 per annum and the Head Office of a major national organisation in Adelaide Street, Fremantle for $100,925 per annum.

Residential listings are coming in but not at the rate we are happy with which means we have to continue to improve in that area. We are auctioning a four bedroom home in South Lake tomorrow at 101 Bolderwood Drive and there appears to be some serious interest in it. Come along at 12 noon and see us in action. Joey Castaldi has worked really hard for his clients and he’s looking forward to Auction Day.

Corey’s beautiful little daughter, Amelie is helping me with this week’s blog and has offered to help me with my advertising next week.

Nuno is all smiles as he’s just picked up two new rental managements in Hamilton Hill. Our sales team is working hard also.

We’ll catch you again next week after what is sure to be another big week in Real Estate.

Rod Ryan