Property Blog – Week 23

By Rod Ryan

The first few days of a new month are always pretty routine for me in that I have to collate all the figures from the respective divisions within our Company, complete the reports and then set the structures in place for the new month.

Well, all that’s been completed so I can now do the enjoyable part of my job and that’s to send off our cheque ( and this one’s a beauty) to Mrs. Lesley Hooper for the ’kids’ at the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.

Yes, last month was the best month our Company has ever had in our short history since we opened for business 1st July 2007. The performance of our respective divisions is most pleasing and we certainly are growing our business.

I had another Real Estate Agent come in and see me through the week and when I spoke to him the following day, he said he had to pass onto me how impressed he was with our company. He went on to say that while he was waiting in the office to see me, everyone kept coming up to him offering to assist him and he said “obviously you are doing well as there is a real ’buzz’ in the place and your staff are all so helpful”. As they say nothing succeeds like success, but it is good to get feedback like that particularly from people within the industry.

Well, April has started off well and the whiteboard is starting to fill with sales, listings and leasings and it appears it’s going to be another BIG month. The team is working really well and I’m extremely proud of their commitment to this company and their attitude towards clients.

Results are fantastic and our rental department continues to build in numbers from referrals and new managements.

Our boy Bill has been a bit off colour for the last month and he hasn’t been able to get near the office. However, he’s starting to get back on his feet and yesterday attended a very important meeting with some new development clients that want us to handle all their House & Land packages. With product from $309,000 in Gosnells, yes, that’s right, fantastic House & Land packages from $309,000 that we can let for $300 per week, Bill was licking his lips.

I have also just spoken with our Eastern States consultants who have just informed me that they have made another five sales for us this week and when I advised them of the $309,000 Gosnells product, he asked if I could get the details over to him straight away! I think Bill might move the first 8 pretty quick and get in before those ’Eastern Staters’ scoop the pool.

More and more people are becoming aware of our Company, more and more people are encouraging us to keep on with our new initiatives and more and more people are feeling part of our Real Estate experience via the blog.

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Rod Ryan

P.S: I bumped into Cameron Schwab (CEO of the Fremantle Dockers) at Subway yesterday and told him to put big Aaron Sandilands at full forward and just leave him there. Cameron just smiled as if to say “keep selling homes Rod and leave team selection to me”. Well, at least I’ve had my say