Property Blog – Week 20

By Rod Ryan

Didn’t set the world on fire at our Attadale auction last week which is really disappointing as it’s a special home. However, the team tell me we’ve now got some solid interest so it looks like it’s about to ’pop’.

I’ve got the chance to redeem myself this weekend as I’ve got two auctions on Saturday and one on Sunday and all three should go.

Our sales team has had some enormous success this last week and in total we’ve sold in excess of $17 million dollars worth of Real Estate. I’ll say that again, we’ve sold $17 million dollars worth of Real Estate since I left for last Saturday night and returned today which is simply awesome. Maybe I should go away more often as that would have to be one of the biggest weeks in Real Estate we’ve ever had.

Bill rang me on Wednesday to say he’s returned from China but has caught the flu. That won’t stop Bill who is already following up the leads from when he was away.

The listings are coming in at a steady rate and our Residential Department is enjoying great success.

Dalena (Brain’s Trust) Lindstrom has finished our weekly booklet which we’re all thrilled about and this is going to be updated every week. I was trying to get a photo of Dalena with the completed booklet but I couldn’t get her off the phone so I’ve snapped young Sam instead.

I’ve got to rush off and get myself organised for what is sure to be a busy weekend but before I do, I promised I’d say ’Hí’ on the blog to Anne from Bicton who is an up and coming Real Estate fan.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.

I would just like to add that I’ve been in Real Estate since 1970 and I’ve never encountered the same amount of dedication, enthusiasm and performance from a Sales Team as I have as De Freitas & Ryan. Every week just seems to produce wonderful results stemming from the work ethic and skill of our team.

Catch you next week.

Rod Ryan