Property Blog – Week 18

By Rod Ryan

As I said last week this place never stops and we are getting busier and busier each week. February is going to be the 2nd biggest month we’ve had since start of business 1st July 2007 however, with a few days to go we could beat our “Supa Dupa’’ month of October 2007 -you just never know.

Sales activity continues to be strong. However, this last week we suffered two setbacks with sales not proceeding due to finance problems. This is rare for our company as we pride ourselves in getting it right the first time. The finance side of things out there is a little strange at present.

Last Friday afternoon, I was invited along to the Fremantle Prison to do the ’Fremantle Prison Tunnels Tour’ which I have to tell you was just fantastic! You go down these deep shafts and then you literally ’go boating’ along tunnels that go underneath the prison.

These tunnels used to provide all the water for Fremantle some years ago and were dug by hand by the inmates.

Thanks to Steve and Emily for looking after me. To book a tour, go to their website at

Yes, this Rod Ryan guy will go to any depths to sell your property.

Our guide Steve tried to give his guy, Matt from , the ’boot’ out of the prison.

Local builder Farouk had a fantastic time even though he said he was suffereing from ’tunnel vision’.

Back on ground zero again, it’s been a very productive time for us. Nuno has added three new managements to our Residential portfolio this week and our Commercial side of things is extremely busy. We have just listed 16,000 sqm for lease in Port Kennedy plus another 3 new showrooms and we’ve had some success with our storage units.

House and Land Packages are keeping Bill busy; so busy that he’s running off overseas for a couple of weeks to have a break -’’Oh, I’ll have my laptop and mobile with me,’’ says our workaholic Bill. So as usual we can expect at least four sales by the time he gets back!

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Catch you next week after another big week in real estate.

Rod Ryan