Property Blog – Week 15

By Rod Ryan

Arrived at the office at 7am this morning, ’had a rush of blood’ and decided to clean up all my old files and general paperwork and brochures, etc…

After two hours of shredding paperwork and neatly putting away (all in new plastic ’Bunnings’ boxes) all my old diaries, accounts and tax files, etc…there was a knock on the office door. I went to the door with a handful of torn papers only to be confronted by a Mr. Martin Silver from MAS who advised me that he was here to do the audit of our Trust Account. I had a big smile and explained to him that I was doing some ’spring cleaning’ and we both laughed at the timing of ’my rush of blood’.

It’s been another big week in real estate. I started the week adding up all of January Sales and completing our outstanding report and then posting off our cheque to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.

There’s been a lot of follow up on the ’storage units’ meeting we had last Friday and there are some exciting developments happening in that area. Our Commercial Boys are all excited about the new commercial logo that appeared in the papers this week and our Residential Team is listing and selling well. Rentals, well we’ve simply run out, but our Property Manager is out chasing business and I’m sure we’ll build up our stocks again very quickly. It’s a real shame because we’ve got so many excellent people that we’re trying to find accommodation for.

This weekend is going to be extremely busy as we start to ’crank up’ our auction campaigns and I think overall we have over 20 Open For Inspections this weekend.

I must tell you, we have a fairly run down property we’ve been asked to put up for auction, however, it is full of old furniture and general refuse. The lady who has inherited the property needs a ’bit of a hand’ so our two reps, Brendan and Joey said, “We’ll get rid of it for you, we’ll just borrow the boss’s ute!” So if you think Real Estate is a glamorous business, think again because today in 30 degree plus heat, Brendan and Joey have been back and forth to the tip about 4 times. It just goes to show you that ’service’ comes in all forms at De Freitas & Ryan.

Interest rates were up this week but our company is that busy we ’didn’t feel a thing’. Sorry, Mr. Rudd but Western Australia is booming and its great to be a part of it.

We’ve just about got our newsletter going so check it out next week. As Dalena said last week, there’s lots and lots going on here at De Freitas & Ryan and we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for taking the time to read the BLOG, check out some of our listings as we’ve got some real beauties. Have a good weekend and we’ll check you again next week after what will be I’m sure, another big week in real estate.

Rod Ryan