Property Blog – Week 14

By Rod Ryan

I must confess I’ve been struggling to keep up this week as personally, I’ve moved house, been extremely busy business wise whilst helping out the team where I can in what has been another big week in real estate.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had been putting in a lot of work with our house and land packages and that one Mr. Bill McLarty was going to be an extremely busy boy this year. Well, just to keep you up to date, I’ve just got off the phone from Bill who has informed me that we’ve sold three homes in Secret Harbour this week at $399,000 a pop and one in Canningvale last night at $429,000. Miguel’s gone mad this week as well with four commercial sales, two in Bunbury and two in Forrestdale and he’s that flat out, I can’t even get a chance to find out what else. Maybe this afternoon on the way to Rockingham…

Our new sales team is going from strength to strength and we now have four properties up for auction. We’ve also picked up a fabulous coastal rural property on 5 acres in Lorimer Road, Munster at $1.7 million plus a number of new residential listing and yes, we’re very,very busy boys and girls!

I didn’t really expect to do all that well in January as it has been a month of review and reengineering of our business. However, when I get to add up the figures, I’m sure the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation will be thrilled as every time we sell and lease property, a percentage of our fees go to the kids. Yes, there’s been a lot of sales and we’ve let quite a few properties this week.

In regards to reengineering our business, Rob and Travis have been instrumental in redesigning our Commercial logo and we all think it’s going to be really effective.

Our business is growing rapidly and I put it down to the input of our people and the fact that the public like the way we go about our business.

We’ve got so much happening in our rental department and we’ve just designed our new advertising program centered around our property manager, Mr. Nuno Ouro. It’s really quite good and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when you see it advertised in local media. Yes, how could you say No-No to Nuno?

I’m running out the door with Miguel and heading for Rockingham where we’ve got a meeting with some developers who want our input and recommendations in regards to their commercial storage facilities. We are doing well in this area. So well in fact, that we may have to employ a specialist just to look over that side of the business.

To say it’s been a big week in real estate would be an understatement however, we’ll catch you next week and keep you informed with what’s been going on at De Freitas & Ryan.

Rod Ryan

P.S Dalena here, just letting you know that we haven’t forgotten about doing the e-newsletter. Maybe this afternoon after Rod returns from Rockingham. There are some great ideas in the works…We will keep you up to date!