Property Blog – Week 11

By Rod Ryan

An old friend of mine once told me that life was like a toilet roll. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes and at age 56, I’m starting to see what he means.

It only seems a few days ago that our office was celebrating at our Christmas breakup and now I’m ’blogging’ to you and its almost half way through January.

Our first week back has seen the removal of the Christmas decorations, our first sales meeting and the scheduling of meetings with the department heads of our business.

By all accounts 2008 appears to be headed for an extremely busy year and one of growth for our company. We’ve been fortunate to have begun the year with some excellent sales due to the flow on from the busy December sales activity we experienced. However, I’m going to give you an example of what real estate is like in 2008 in booming Western Australia, at the real estate company of De Freitas & Ryan.

On Tuesday the 8th of January, we received a call from one of our clients who works away up north in the mines, we already have an excellent client relationship with this fellow and his family and in fact we manage a number of his rental properties.

Our client requested that we act on his behalf on securing an apartment in Subiaco and he briefed us on the type of property he would like to buy.

After a bit of leg work, computer work, telephone work and a few trips up and back to ’Subi’ we were confident that we’d found the right property for our client. After a few more telephone calls, faxes and emails, a deal was done (sight unseen) and our client is now the proud owner of a superb apartment in Station Street, Subiaco.

Our company will manage this property and our owner will view it for the first time on Monday week when he flies back from up north.

It’s a changing world the world of real estate however its obvious that TRUST is the real key to client relationships and our sale in Station Street, Subiaco really demonstrates that.

It was nice to have a break over Christmas and to return to my native land of Victoria and achieve an ambition I’ve had for quite a number of years. Yes, I’m now a member of the ’Famous’ Shark Bait Medal Club after completing 10 ’Pier to Pub’ swims at Lorne on the wonderful great Ocean Road on the Victorian South Coast. What an event, what a thrill and what beautiful weather we had for the swim.

Well 2008, here we come and with all the enthusiasm and go we have in this place, it’s definitely going to be ’52 Big Weeks In Real Estate’!

Catch you next week!

Rod Ryan