Property Blog – Week 10

By Rod Ryan

Well as promised we raised a bit of cash for the kids at the Princess Margret Hospital and today I’ll be seeing them all with a very special Christmas bonus thanks to our fund raiser at last Sunday’s Carols in the Park.

Thanks to all our staff members who assisted and made it a great event. The Centre Point Church Choir were just magnificent and we hope to be given the opportunity next year to support them all.

I mentioned last week that we were slowing down a bit as we get closer to Christmas, however nobody told Joey, Rob or Bill that and they’ve been building up sale files on his desk that you can’t see over. Robs just listed a small commercial property in Coolbellup and word has it that we’ve just listed a wonderful home in Coogee around the $900,000 plus mark.

It’s been a really amazing six months at De Freitas & Ryan. We made our annual budget after just four months and as a result we’ve had to completely re jig our sales and financial targets.

We’ve recruited some exceptional people and we’ve completely run out of office space. As a result Miguel and I are now on the lookout for a second office that we can link closely with our Fremantle base. Yes 2008 is set out to be and exciting year. Our rental portfolio finished this year on the up and I was pleased to see we’ve hit the big time and actually have a rental list with 5, yes 5 properties to lease. We anticipate a lot of growth in this area in 2008 and again it is due to the enthusiasm and expertise of our fantastic staff.

Our I.T. people have set up our E-news letter on our website which is just great , except I haven’t had time to produce it yet. Nothing much is going to happen until the second week of January and by then our “Brain’s Trust” , General Manager, Dalena Lindstrom will have returned from her white Christmas in the US and we can get things organised.

Christmas gives us an opportunity to take stock of everything that has happened during the year. It is a time of the year where we reflect on the many things that we must be thankful for; our families and friends and the country we live in that allows us to reach or potential.

I would like to especially thank Miguel De Freitas (my young business partner) for giving me the opportunity of joining with him in building what I believe will be an extremely successful and special Real Estate organisation. I would like to thank my beautiful wife Melita for all her support throughout the year and “being there” when the hard decisions had to be made.

To all our wonderful staff and their spouses, thanks for putting up with the “twins” (Rod and Mig) and I can assure you next year will be even bigger and better for us all. To all our clients and public, thanks for supporting us and a special thanks to the Princess Margaret Hospital for allowing us to feel very special in our support of their foundation.

Have a special Christmas everyone and a wonderful, safe and healthy 2008. Yes, “It’s Been A Very Big Year In Real Estate” .

Rod Ryan