Property Blog – 554

2nd November 2018

Well well well. October fell flat on its face at the end of the month and just when we thought we were going to “blow the doors off” we stopped. So please Mr November can you please please reward us for all the hard work we’ve been doing.

Well hello Ladies.

Now we are raising money for charity at De Freitas & Ryan and as part of that our staff are throwing in a few dollars for “free dress” Friday. We might be a bit biased our boys, but you’d think we were running a modeling agency instead of a Real Estate agency with all these lovely ladies running around the place.

Miguel has just kicked a big multi million dollar goal to kick start November, so strap yourselves in everyone and enjoy the ride.

I’m on the radio in the morning so listen in and have a smile.

Absolutely “flat stick” today so we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan.