Need a Free Market Appraisal on your commercial property for lease?

You’ll love the way we manage your property at De Freitas & Ryan!



We will arrange a suitable time to meet with you preferably at the property and supply you with details of our company, useful information.

We will provide you with an accurate rental market appraisal supported by detailed rental evidence relating to your property.

Should you wish to go the next step of listing your property for lease with our company we will then enter into an agreement with you and commence marketing the property in accordance with your instructions.


Once the decision has been made to lease your property, you need to obtain as much information as you can to ensure you are fully aware of your rights and responsibilities as a lessor. De Freitas & Ryan can provide you with this information at no cost to you.

The things you need to consider as a Lessor are as follows:

  1. Is your property suitable as a rental property?
  2. What are the property management fees in total?
  3. Should you check with your accountant in regard to capital gains issues and income tax issues?
  4. Are there GST implications?
  5. Make sure that maintenance is kept up on the property to keep it at its best.
  6. Should I consider a deprecation schedule?

Make sure you do your “homework” and select the right commercial property manager. Commercial property management is not a “part time” business and we are very proud of the commercial property portfolio we have built and would be extremely happy to have you put us to the test.