Methods of Sale – The Choice is Yours

BY PRIVATE SALE (Featured Property)

Your property is placed on the market at a set price or alternatively a price range. When a prospective purchaser shows interest in your property, our sales consultant will then negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best price, conditions and terms of the sale are achieved.


We have introduced a new initiative at De Freitas & Ryan which is proving to be very successful for our clients. This new initiative is what we term as “Off Market” sales, where we list your property for private sale on a quiet, “Low Key” basis, only introducing (by appointment) qualified buyers from our vast five office network data base. It is resulting in “Stress Free” property sales and is being very well received indeed.

BY PRIVATE SALE (Offers Invited)

We offer your property to prospective buyers without a price and give them the opportunity to come forward with an offer. This is a highly successful sale method particularly when the property is a most individual hard to value property, or at a time when the market is “Running Hot” with little stock of commercial properties available on the market.

BY PRIVATE SALE (Commercial Tender)

When your property is offered for Tender it is advertised with or without a buyers price guide with all offers presented on or before a certain date (eg: Friday 30th June at 5pm). When an offer has been tendered that you are willing to accept, all other buyers are then notified and are invited to alter the offer they have tendered. This method of sale has potentially the same competition factor as an auction but in a more private and controlled atmosphere.


There are arguments for and against Auctions, however the bottom line is that there is no doubt whatsoever that this is the most clear cut way of maximising the price and unconditional terms and conditions of the sale of your property. Auctions “make it happen” with each bidder competing for the one property resulting in the property being sold to the highest bidder – (subject to a reserve price).


Openn Negotiation (No we haven’t made a spelling mistake) is a method of sale which takes the best parts of auctions and the various private sale methods and blends them all into one streamlined process. This process creates a competitive environment and allows complete transparency for all “Terms Accepted” buyers to not have to miss out on a property because they didn’t know what price they had to beat.


What is most important to remember is that it is your decision and your decision alone as to how your property is to me marketed. Whichever way you choose, rest assured that everyone at De Freitas & Ryan will be focused on achieving the highest possible price in the shortest possible selling time.

Should you have any further questions about any of these selling methods, a De Freitas & Ryan Sales Consultant would be only too happy to answer all your questions.