Important information for commercial property tenants (leasing)


We live in a fast moving world when sometimes common courtesy is quickly forgotten. You won’t find that happening at De Freitas & Ryan Commercial as we don’t take our clients for granted and are most appreciative of our wonderful customer base of quality tenants. We act on things straight away, we ring you back and we do all things necessary to ensure that your association with our company is the best it can be. The fact that a lot of our commercial property owners were previously tenants of De Freitas & Ryan Commercial speaks for itself.


When will I receive keys to the property?

You will receive the keys to the property once all deposit monies are paid, the lease has been executed, commenced and a copy of your certificate of currency for public liability insurance has been provided to your managing agent.

Your leasing agent or Property Manager will contact you to arrange the handover of keys and property condition report.

Who is responsible for opening utility accounts?

All telephone, power and gas connections are to be arranged by the ingoing tenant to the property unless otherwise agreed. Water use will be billed to the landlord automatically and forwarded onto the tenant unless otherwise agreed.

When will I receive my invoice and how can I pay it?

Invoices are sent on the 15th each month, there are various methods of payment and all options are shown at the bottom of the invoice.

Who is responsible for maintenance?

Again, each lease is different but generally speaking, the tenant is responsible for all repairs and maintenance to the premises. The owner is responsible for any capital improvements and replacements.

How do variable outgoings work?

There are two methods of paying the outgoings, your property manager or leasing agent will advise which method is applicable to your property.

  • On demand – you will be sent an invoice with supporting documentation as accounts are received
  • On a budget – upon commencement of your lease, all outgoings (council rates, water rates, strata levies etc.) are estimated for the year then divided by 12 which is your monthly outgoings payment amount. At the end of the financial year, a reconciliation is completed where all your payments are compared to the actual outgoings and a credit/debit is applied to your account accordingly.

What if I’m having difficulties paying my rent?

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and are having problems making a rental payment it is best to contact your property manager immediately. Moving forward your property manager will endeavour to assist by outlining all options available to you.

Can the landlord or Property Manager enter the premises?

In a case of emergency and if we are unable to get in contact with you, the landlord or Property Manager may access the premises to attend to these issues.

In all other cases, you are entitled to quiet enjoyment of the property. However, a landlord or Property Manager can access the property with prior notice as per your lease agreement.

My lease is about to expire and I have a further option term, when must I exercise this by?

Each lease is different, so it is best to check but generally speaking, you must exercise your option no earlier than 6 months prior to your lease expiring and no later than 3 months prior to your lease expiring. Your property manager will write to you during this period to seek your intentions.

What are my responsibilities upon vacating the property?

You will be provided with a property condition report and a copy of your executed lease document at the commencement of your lease. The property must be returned in the same state and condition (taken into account fair wear and tear). A detailed make good letter outlining roles and responsibilities will be sent to you upon advising us you are vacating the premises.

How long do I have to wait until I get my bond back?

Once a final inspection has been completed, all make good works have been done to a satisfactory standard and all rent and outgoings have been paid & reconciled, the bond will be returned.



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