Why choose De Freitas & Ryan to sell your residential property?

We believe there are many reasons why you should choose De Freitas & Ryan to sell your property, however to be honest it is not really our style to “self praise” ourselves too much, so may be for the benefit of all we’ll just state the facts.

Rod Ryan commenced his Real Estate career way back in 1970 with Stockdale and Leggo in . In 1981 Rod ventured into business as R.D. Ryan & Co in Doncaster East, one of ’s rapidly growing Eastern Suburbs.

In 2001 Rod sold the family company and moved to Fremantle to take up the helm of an established Real Estate company as licensee and business owner.

In 2007 Rod seized on the opportunity of joining forces with his young protégé Miguel De Freitas and they began their Real Estate Company of De Freitas & Ryan in a little arcade shop in Fremantle Western Australia on the first day of July 2007. Coincidentally both Rod and Miguel share the same birthday, only twenty seven years apart.

Miguel De Freitas and Rod Ryan

In 2008 De Freitas & Ryan moved to their own purpose built new premises south of Perth in the City of Cockburn.

In 2012 Travis and Dalena Lindstrom, both employees of De Freitas and Ryan opened our second office, trading as De Freitas & Ryan in the City of Perth. Our Perth office like our Cockburn office has seen amazing growth and as a result they have taken over the adjoining premises in order to house their wonderful staff.

In  2014 We opened our third office, trading as De Freitas & Ryan Rockingham. Even though our Rockingham office is relatively new, they are enjoying amazing success. The people of Rockingham have been thrilled with the way we do business at De Freitas & Ryan and hence the wonderful results.

In 2014 Rod Ryan’s daughter and leading Real Estate Agent Kym Ryan opened our fourth office, this time as De Freitas & Ryan Melbourne. The future is bright for our first interstate office and Kym is doing a wonderful job against massive opposition.

In 2015 De Freitas and Ryan Cockburn, due to expansion were forced to relocate their commercial and strata divisions to new premises. We chose a new purpose-built two storey office in nearby Cockburn Central and following a lot of planning and design we now have De Freitas and Ryan Commercial as a stand alone commercial enterprise. This has enabled us to further expand our residential, commercial and strata divisions.

In 2016 Luke and Kayleigh Holmes joined with us as business partners and have now opened De Freitas & Ryan Wanneroo. The ‘stand out’ office is located on Wanneroo Road (opposite the showgrounds) and is already proving to be a great success. Located in the “fantastic” northern suburbs of Perth, we are confident of achieving a large market share in the very near future.

In 2017 – Due to further expansion Travis & Dalena Lindstrom (our business partners at the Perth office) relocated their office to the Corner of Charles & Carr Street in West Perth. It is a magnificent office and one of the most prominent locations in Perth. As Travis would say in his American accent, “Doin Well”.

In 2018 – After a number of rural transactions taking place in our company in recent years it was decided that in order to satisfy the demands of our continually growing client list we should establish a rural division within our organisation. As a result we are now going to focus on rural property and our clients have seen this as an excellent initiative.

Obviously we are the new “kids on the block” when it comes to handling rural property, however you’ll become aware immediate as to how keen and enthusiastic we are and the outstanding results we are achieving.


Other outstanding employees of De Freitas & Ryan are so impressed by our company’s passion, results, ethics and business model that other De Freitas & Ryan offices are now on the drawing board.

Now when it comes to selling your property you really need to know who you are dealing with and as you can see De Freitas & Ryan are certainly not “sitting on their hands” and are keen to continue to build their young company by achieving outstanding results on behalf of their clients.

It never ceases to amaze us how many negative sales people there are in the industry, but rest assured you won’t find any at De Freitas & Ryan. We thrive on enthusiasm and pride in getting the job done and getting things right the first time every time.

We take pride in all things real estate, love selling homes of all shapes and sizes and love building our data base of satisfied property sellers and buyers.

We weren’t happy with our logo and advertising so what did we do, we went to our customers and asked how we can improve. As a result of listening we’ve completely re-branded and now our advertising “jumps” out at you on the internet and print media.  So we can now not only show your home but show it off.

Our signage has also been re-vamped and the feedback is that that it looks great, is most professional and boy don’t they look great with those sold signs.

We wanted to ensure that our clients received an outstanding price for their property, so we took the initiative and introduced our “incentivisation program” which in a “nutshell” modifies our fee structure to ensure our sales people aim for the top price and not the bottom price when acting on your behalf. Its been a great success, our clients appreciate it and our sales people also benefit.

Prospective clients should be aware that these days the real estate industry is littered with numbers of part time, internet opportunist, low fee, discount sales people who work from home with very little or no overhead. Obviously if they are lucky enough to sell a property it can prove to be extremely beneficial for them (more so than yourself), however the accepted general rule in the real estate industry is that the lower the fee, the lower the sale price and you certainly wouldn’t want that.

People should be aware of the dangers of underselling their valuable property by engaging “part timers” and not totally professional real estate organisations. It should also be noted that prospective purchasers for your property need to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they are dealing with professional industry and government regulated and supported organisations of the highest calibre here in Western Australia.

At De Freitas & Ryan our sales representatives are trained and encouraged to act on behalf of our clients to ensure they receive the maximum sales result on the clients behalf. We all know that salespeople respond well to incentives or bonuses, so accordingly we encourage our clients to put them to the test by being part of our incentivisation program.

At De Freitas & Ryan we also recognise the ever increasing buying power of our Asian friends to the north, so we fully investigated what we could do in order to get our clients properties in front of literally millions of potential purchasers. We learnt that our normal advertising and internet didn’t reach these people, so now with the assistance of our Chinese sales representative Amy Gan, we have been able to get behind the internet firewalls of China and other regional countries and have your property and its details seen by this huge market.

This has given our company a huge point of difference and we would be keen to speak with you further to fully explain the benefits to you and your property. Please don’t hesitate to call Amy Gan on 0422 708 252 or Rod Ryan on 0408 405 262.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and all our business partners and staff at De Freitas & Ryan are determined to make sure that you receive the best real estate experience and results possible from our young dynamic company. We’re positive that’s what you’re going to receive if you choose De Freitas & Ryan to act on your behalf.

All the best with your decision making and thanks for taking the time to consider our company.

Miguel De Freitas
Rod Ryan