Why choose De Freitas & Ryan to lease and manage your residential property?

We feel it is important right from the beginning to advise property owners that our company is very conscious of treating both property owners and tenants with the utmost respect.

We always hear stories of where tenants are made to feel like ‘second class citizens’ and property owners being seen as people with a lot of money who just don’t care about anything other than getting their rent cheque.

This would never be the case at De Freitas & Ryan. It is absolutely vital that a property owner engages an agent who avoids friction and therefore allows the smooth running of their property affairs.

When Miguel De Freitas and Rod Ryan commenced De Freitas & Ryan Property Consultants back on the 1st July 2007, they were determined to offer the public the best Property Management service in the state and do it with a most competitive, simple and streamlined fee structure. Today we can boast that our company is well on the way to achieving their goal, however our Property Management Division is continually striving to improve our service.

We have built a wonderful clientele who really appreciate the way we do business and recommendation is now our greatest source of growth within our Residential Property Management Division.

Back in 2007 Miguel De Freitas and Rod Ryan were in the fortunate position of literally “starting from scratch” as starting a new business they didn’t inherit large numbers of rental managements that they didn’t have any background, history or knowledge of as would have been the case if they had of purchased another Real Estate Company. Instead our business is “home grown” and we certainly like it that way.

In regard to fees, we looked at what our competitors charge and what appears to be the ‘norm’ throughout the industry. We then looked at where we could simplify our fee structure in order to allow our clients to plan their investment.

Yes, It was decided that all the ‘hidden costs’ associated with rental managements were to go and we would offer one flat fee. That’s right, no more fees or charges for:

  1. Property Condition Reports
  2. Final Bond Inspections
  3. Property Inspections
  4. Financial Year Reports
  5. Letting Fees
  6. Advertising Costs
  7. Postage
  8. Statement Sundries
  9. Or “Ring the Plumber” fee


Simple. We use all the new technologies available to us to streamline the administration side of things and this frees up our Property Managers to be able to spend time with you, our client and your tenants.

Our highly competitive fee structure leaves us open to criticism, however we have decided to put service ahead of profit as mentioned earlier and we’re extremely comfortable with that.

Today’s advertising costs can be done away with simply because the internet is where we get most of our inquiries, inspections are carried out by our Property Managers (as they should be) and not paid part time staff, financial reports come straight out of our computerised accounting package and letting fees are absorbed by our company.

We are excited by the challenge of offering our clients a better streamlined service and fee structure and our new Residential Management clients seem to agree.

Our clients also appreciate that they are not “locked in” for two or three years with an agent who may not be at the top their game. Accordingly De Freitas & Ryan back up their service by offering a 28 day notice of termination of our management contract.

Our flat fee is 10% of the rental collected. Whilst this may be considered low commission we certainly are high on service to our valued clients. We look forward to a long association with you.

Should you require assistance with your rental management, please contact your nearest office.