Weekly Blog by Miguel De Freitas & Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 9

By Rod Ryan

Things have started to slow down a bit at De Freitas & Ryan and our staff have been distracted with the Christmas party season that is upon us.

However sales are still being made and we’ve been pleasantly surprised with some excellent activity at Port Kennedy this week. Our commercial leasing is particularly strong and it’s quite unusual to be so busy in that area so close to Christmas.

We’ve all been busy catching up with clients, sending out Christmas cards etc. And generally keeping busy with all the December distractions.

Our two new sales reps have started with us today and Brendan has already “opened the batting” with his first listing in Dianella. No, it’s not his mum’s house but it does belong to a friend of his and I believe it’s an absolute ripper and is on the market for $439,000.

I picked up our De Freitas & Ryan balloons this morning, all ready for Sunday nights Carols in the Park. So if you see these blue and white round things with “keys” on them floating through the sky you know who’s to blame.

We’ve picked up some new management’s this week and we’ve even been approached by some of our competitors who would like us to take over some of their properties. I’m looking forward to my home opens this weekend to see if I can improve on my 0 out of 4 from last week and try to sell a few more before Christmas.

Here’s our Sam and Nuno getting ready for our big Carols in the Park on Sunday night. Sam’s modelling the Docker’s jumper we are raffling with proceeds going to the Princess Margret Hospital Foundation. Nuno isn’t going scuba diving, these are helium tanks for blowing up all the balloons.

As you can gather this time of the year for us, isn’t all about selling and leasing property, but it’s also a time for us to give a bit back to the community and to show our appreciation to our clients.

Remember to be at the Carols in the Park this Sunday evening at Lakelands Senior High School and I’ll catch you next week after what’s sure to be another “Big Week In Real Estate” .

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 8

By Rod Ryan

By the way, I mentioned last week that Bill and Joey were finalising two house and land packages, well they finished up with a “hat trick” by adding a third to the list by close of business Saturday.

It’s been another big week in Real Estate however, Miguel’s been tied up most of the week with his Sydney developers.

Millions and millions of dollars are being invested in our area by both local and interstate developers and we are fortunate to be able to offer expertise in that field. Here we have the Paul Simeoni and Co development syndicate along with prominent Fremantle lawyer Ante Zorotovic and leading project manager Victor Marcelino “tying up some loose ends” .

For all of us fortunate to be living and working in the Fremantle area, it certainly is OUR TIME. The projects and exciting developments we have coming on line next year are really quite amazing and we’ll do our best to keep you up to date.

While business maybe booming we can’t forget the fact that Christmas in only a few weeks away and this year, our first year in business, we’re really proud to be the major sponsors of Carol’s in the Park at Lakeland Senior High School. We expect quite a few thousand people along on Sunday the 16th of December to share in what will be a really beautiful evening. I’d like to thank all our staff for their assistance in helping us get this event up and running and a special thanks to our hosts the Centrepoint Church; you’ve all been fantastic.

At last we’re starting to add to our residential listings in both sales and rentals and this week has been most gratifying in that area. So gratifying in fact that I’ll be doing 4 home opens on Saturday afternoon plus a few other bits and pieces.

Our two new recruits are off enjoying their Real Estate course. We’ve again completed some major Commercial leases and we’re all counting on me to sell at least 3 of the 4 home opens I’m doing on Saturday.

Whilst it’s a busy time of the year it’s also a very special and enjoyable time and I’d like to thank you all for making this another “Big Week In Real Estate” .

Be safe, start warming up your vocal chords and make sure you pencil in Sunday evening, the 16th of December to join us at Carol’s in the Park at Lakeland Senior High School.

Look forward to catching up with you next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 7

By Rod Ryan

I’ve just been overhearing some of our sales people on the phone talking to clients and I’d have to say I’m really thrilled with the professionalism, courtesy and caring way our people are going about their business.

It normally takes years to build a top flight sales team, however in only our fifth month of trading we are certainly extremely fortunate to have recruited such high calibre people.

Our two new “recruits” Corey and Brendan start their Real Estate course on Monday and they will be ready to go come 1st January 2008.

I was pleased to receive four calls from the public to advise me that in last week’s blog I had the word prosper instead of prosperous, however whilst I apologise for the error (I blamed Sam our receptionist) it was great to hear that people out there are enjoying being part of our “Big Week In Real Estate” .

We thought our sales would have slowed this month with the Federal Election etc… However, we have been flooded with inquiries and only wish we had more properties on offer. We have again had excellent sales results this week and another two house and land packages will be finalised tomorrow morning thanks to the efforts of Bill and Joey.

Commercial leasing continues to be a large part of our business and Robert has completed several commercial leases this week the highest at $55,000 per annum. The properties were in O’Connor and Rockingham and the demand for leasehold property continues to be strong.

Our Sam rose to great heights this week and installed our Christmas decorations, I had a session with the accountant and Travis and Dalena enjoyed the beaches in Hawaii.

We’ve been pretty busy listing property again this week which is a good sign for us as we seem to be starting to get our name out there a bit more.

One interesting property we’ve just put on the market is a 30 year old (one owner) home in Holmes Road, Munster on 3 acres of beautiful green pasture. There’s sheds, workshops, stables, horse paddocks, 2 bores and a lovely three bedroom, two bathroom home and it’s yours for $995,000.

If there’s anyone out there who wants to help deliver our 2008 calendars please give me a call on 9417 2266 as we all just can’t seem to get the time to do to many ourselves.

I’d like to again thank those people who are taking the time to experience our “blog” as I can honestly tell you, it is a wonderful business to be in and it’s great to be able to share it with you via this medium.

You’ll hear from me next week after what I’m sure will be yet another “Big Week In Real Estate” .

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 6

By Rod Ryan

Well it doesn’t get much bigger than selling blocks ranging in price from $2.6 Million to $3.9 Million at Port Coogee and congratulations to all concerned for a wonderful result. I think we are all starting to realise how fortunate we are to be living in such a beautiful place, at such a prosperous time and the next 25 years or so, it appears we’ll see an era like never before in Australia.

The Federal Election doesn’t seem to be the distraction it has been in the past and our sales keep ticking over at an excellent rate. Rental properties are still scarce, however we are achieving top rates for the homes we are leasing.

We are thrilled to have made a second appointment in our residential sales division and we look forward to Brendon Howson joining us in early December. Brendon is new to Real Estate, however take note of his name as this young man is going to be something special.

I’m on my way to Thomas Road, Oakford to do an inspection so I’ll catch you next week.

Everyone at De Freitas & Ryan seems to be absolutely flat out and yes “It’s been a big week in Real Estate” .

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 5

By Rod Ryan

The best time to get photos of the the beautiful Indian Ocean is first thing in the morning so I hope the Owners of the magnificent block I’ve just put on the market in Toulon Grove Coogee, will be pleased with how it comes up on our website. Incidentally, it is an 825 sqm lot on top of the world in Coogee with wide panoramic ocean and island views and it’s yours for $995,000. Take a look, it’s a fantastic block.

It’s been a fairly quiet week in some ways but that’s been good as we’ve all been busy with pest and buidling inspector appointments, etc…from our huge month of sales we had in October.

Having said that, I’ve just been reminded by Miguel that we’ve also sold over $4 million dollars worth of real esate this week but I’ve also reminded him that $1.650 of it was one sale in Pearse Road Wattleup. Yes, the team continue to perform well and the other thing is that we’ve listed well this week with Travis Lindstrom showing off with listings in Canningvale, South Lake, Port Kennedy and Dawesville.

All our blocks in Wattle Grove are now sold and our house and land packages are keeping us extremely busy.

Joey Castaldi is all excited about his new ’doer-upper-er’ in Orelia he’s just listed for $275,000 and he’s confident it will sell this weekend.

It was really nice to be acknowledged by the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation for our support of “the kids’’ and I can’t tell you how thrilled and committed our team are with the association we have with the Foundation. Everytime we sell or lease properties, the kids benefit and that’s just great! I can’t say too much but we’ve been looking forward to catching up with Lesley Hooper, the Fundraising Development Manager at Christmas.

I mentioned last week that we had made the decision to employ two new Residential Sales People and I’m glad to report that we’ve made one of these appointments.

Mr. Corey Paice, his wife Sarah and four year old princess, Amelie have just arrived from England. Corey’s real estate sales experience is really interesting and he’s going to have to adjust from selling castles in Southern England to palaces in Freo.

Seriously, we are thrilled to have Corey starting with us and he and his family will be a ’perfect fit’ at De Freitas & Ryan.

I have lots more to tell you however after thinking it has been a bit quiet this week, I’ve just realised,

“It’s Been A Big Week In Real Estate”

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 4

By Rod Ryan

It’s Friday just after lunch and I’ve been looking forward to letting you know just what’s been going on at De Freitas & Ryan again in what has been another ’Big Week in Real Estate’.

I thought we’d be a bit distracted with our Cup Day Lunch on Tuesday (what a fantastic time we had at Clancy’s) and the interest rate increase however, we’ve all been extremely busy.

On the commercial side of things, we’ve just sold a large 226 sqm showroom in Cockburn Central for $825,000 and we’ve been dealing with a number of storage unit complexes. Incidentally, we’ve got some more storage unit investments from as little as $66,000. Our commercial division is working extrememly hard and the results we’re achieving are very satisfying!

On the residential side of things, again, we’ve been really busy and we have some property owners in Hammond Park who are just thrilled that Bill McLarty sold their villa for $399,000 after two weeks on the market. The house and land package side of things is really building for us as well and we can offer you a beautiful 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home with double garage in Success for as little as $420,000.

We’ve also just picked up 14 brand new ready to move into Villas in Kelmscott with 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms for $345,000 and we are very excited about these!

Demand for property is still very strong and being a new company, we have to work very hard to acquire new business but we are really starting to get there.

On the rental side, we have about ten people a day calling looking for properties to rent around the Fremantle/South of the River area but as all our rentals have ben let, we don’t have a lot to offer new prospective tenants.

If you know anyone who wants their property managed please get in contact with us as our staff are absolutely fantastic at what they do and are keen for new business.

In other news, our new company shirts have been ordered, new flashy signs from Chromagrfx have been given the thumbs up by our reps and our Bill McLarty is all excited as his daughter Victoria, has just arrived home after a 44,000 km trek around Australia over the past 12 months.

Business is good and we seem to be getting busier and busier and as a result, we have just made the decision to add two new residential salespeople to our ranks.

Look forward to catching you next week and thanks again for being part of our company’s,

“It’s Been A Big Week In Real Estate”

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 3

By Rod Ryan

It’s Friday, 11:30am and I have just finished my appointment with Tonia Binns from Chromagrafx, who has been helping us sort out some issues with For Sale signs. During the week, some of our Sales Reps made mention of negative feedback in relation to our For Sale signs in that they are too small and need to be improved.

As a result, we have had to re visit our signage and I am confident after today’s meeting with Chromagrafx that we’ll come up with something special.

Thursday being the 1st of the month means putting on the ’accountant hat’, adding up and processing the sales that have taken place for October. It’s been an extremely busy time and to be honest, it is the highest monthly figures I’ve ever recorded in a career that commenced way back in 1970.

If anyone tells you that property here in W.A is not doing well then I suggest you are talking to the wrong people.

It certainly has been a ’Big Week in Real Estate’ with Travis Lindstrom finalising his large commercial sale in Tamara Drive, Cockburn Central for $1.185 million dollars and I understand we’ve just sold two more factory units in Hammond Road, Cockburn Central one for $285,000 and the other for $385,000. These units will be completed in June 2008 and they have been purchased by local business for their own use.

Commercial leasing has been active as usual with the leasing this week of a large 535 sqm factory warehouse in Hines Rd, O’ Connor for $60,000 per annum.

Our Joseph Castaldi has just sold a beautiful new home in St. Joseph Fairway, Success for $543,500 and Bill McLarty has only one block left out of 10 to sell in Wattle Grove.

The residential market is really very busy however, our company is in need of more properties to sell. I’m putting one on the market today in Yangebup and Miguel De Freitas has just put a two storey home in Hamilton Hill on the market for $599,000 which I feel we will sell this weekend.

The Cup is on Tuesday next week and our General Manager, Dalena Lindstrom has been busy combining our ’October Success Lunch’ with the Cup festivities so there doesn’t seem to be much hope of getting any work done at De Freitas & Ryan next Tuesday and that is definitely something you can BET on.

November is already shaping up as an extremely busy month so we’ll catch you next week. Thanks again for being part of our Company’s:

“It’s Been A Big Week In Real Estate”

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 2

By Rod Ryan

It’s Friday at 7:15am and I’m reflecting on the events of last week in what turned out to be “A Big Week In Real Estate“.

I received a telephone call at about 9:45 last night from our Bill McLarty to inform me that he had just got home from selling Lot 10 Hardey East Road in Wattle Grove (a residential block around the $220,000 mark) and that the owner of the subdivision was thrilled as this was the fourth block Bill had sold for him in the last week (’Well done Bill’).

On the subject of land our Travis Lindstrom is in the throes of selling a large commercial site in Cockburn Central. We’ll confirm the details next week once it’s all been finalised.

On Wednesday Miguel, Dalena and I decided it was time to play “dress ups” so off we went to Rosanne Dowland Design in Subiaco to organise our new company uniforms. I now know all about size 8’s and size 10’s and embroidery costs etc.

So after about an hour or so we placed our orders, so look out world you’ll soon be seeing these smart looking well dressed ladies and gentlemen about town in their new De Freitas & Ryan apparel. Talking of being well dressed, just so you don’t get the impression that the Real Estate Business is a bit glamorous. Yesterday here in fabulous “Freo” it was a beautiful sunny day of about 28 degrees. Our new 2008 calendars has just arrived so I checked the diary and said to our receptionist Sam that I was going to sneak home, put on the shorts, sunscreen and hat and started distributing our De Freitas & Ryan calendars around the Fremantle Business District. I bumped into a lot of people I knew, had a bit of a chat, but after some 2 _ hours I had distributed about 1500 calendars, so well done Rod!

In rounding off the week we submitted our advertising copy to the local newspaper and I was extremely proud to sign off on the copy which included an article advising that De Freitas & Ryan had had some 28 sales in 30 days.

As we support “the kids” at the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation from every sale or rental that our company transacts, Mrs Lesley Hooper the Foundation Development Manager will be all smiles when she receives our donation at the end of October.

Thanks for being part of our Company’s “It’s Been A Big Week In Real Estate” And we’ll catch you next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 1

By Rod Ryan

My wife Melita and I have some very dear friends who live on an island paradise in the south of Thailand. We have also become very fond of this part of the world ourselves and have become “hooked’ on a website that gives a weekly update on the island activities.

The thought came to me that there is most likely a lot of people out there who have an interest in what is going on in the world of Real Estate. So after discussions with my business partner Miguel, the decision was made to welcome you into our new real estate company, De Freitas & Ryan Property Consultants.

The aim of doing this is to keep you updated on a weekly basis of our blog, “It’s Been A Big Week In Real Estate“. We want you to feel like you are part of our team and part of the emotional roller coaster of highs and lows that make this a very special industry.

You will hear first hand of our achievements and disappointments and get to know what it feels like to be a property consultant at De Freitas & Ryan. We’ll make comments on the “coal face issues’ of market activity in both residential sales & leasing and the commercial side of things as well. We’ll introduce you to our team and help you to get to know us. Our staff are extremely excited about this new initiative and they are all keen to contribute and drive “It’s Been A Big Week In Real Estate” with gusto and enthusiasm.

Our Web site designers (Bouncing Orange – Graphic & Web Design) are also thrilled to be supporting this initiative and we’d like to thank them for their hard work and expertise in building our new web site. We’ll leave you to it for now and hope you all have an enjoyable weekend while we are getting ready for next week’s first edition of, you guessed it,

“It’s Been A Big Week In Real Estate!”

Rod Ryan