Weekly Blog by Miguel De Freitas & Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 19

By Rod Ryan

It’s all go here. This last week has been incredibly busy which is a little unusual seeing as we had a public holiday on the Monday. It’s that time again for doing all our divisional reports for the month of February and I must tell you it was a real pleasure, as our figures have been quite outstanding. Yes, Leslie Hooper at the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation will be thrilled with our cheque I’m about to forward her for February sales and rental results.

Why not get behind the kids yourself and forward your donation. It’s a good feeling to help people and they are a very special organisation.

Just to give you an idea of the market place out there it can be a little tough at present, but it all gets back to the basics of hard work and doing the right things. February was the second best month our company has had and the reason for that was the effort put in by our enthusiastic sales team.

Travis Lindstrom had six sales in February and as Trav says, “It’s even better doing well in a “tough” market.”

I walked passed our sales white board this morning and it’s full of sales activity for March already.

We’ve sold another property in Bunbury, a large commercial site in Naval Base, an apartment on Cantonment Street in Fremantle, a rural property on 3 acres in Munster, a small home in Warnbro and about 8 or 9 new storage units in Rockingham.

Haven’t heard from Bill in China but I’m sure he’ll have kicked off the month as well.

Listings are great, really great and the team is really doing a good job. Trav has listed a beautiful home in Coogee for about $1.1 million, plus the guys have listed a cheap unit in Hamilton Hill for about $255,000 and a lovely home in Samson for about $450,000.

24 Factory units have just gone on the market with us and Rod Searle Real Estate and we’ve just listed another joint agency for 6.5 acres in Wattleup. To be honest all our reps are extremely busy and I’m really proud of their performance.

Here’s Brendan, our self appointed head of our Rural Division giving us the thumbs up for the acreage on Holmes Road, Munster he sold last night.

Last night, I listed a beautiful rural property in Gosnells on acreage backing onto the Canning River for $900,000 Plus and then continued onto Beverley and placed 55 acres next to the town centre on for $775,000. Yes, it’s busy and it’s most enjoyable being part of the team at De Freitas & Ryan.

Rentals, Oh My God! We’ve created a monster in Mr. Nuno Ouro. He came in to see me this morning and gave me a list of this week’s new managements. He must have been “sitting next to Travis’ as he has achieved the number 6 as well, but in Nuno’s case it’s 6 new managements in one week.

- 1. Coode Street, Fremantle
- 2. Cantonment Street, Fremantle
- 3. Murray Street, Perth
- 4. Cardinal Gardens, Warnbro
- 5. Bromley Road, Hilton
- 6. Fluellen Way, Hamilton Hill

Our Nuno, he’s only been here “5 minutes” and he’s already too busy and reckons he needs an assistant.

As you can see we’re all having a lot of fun, we’re all very busy and yes, It’s Been A Big Week In Real Estate.

I nearly forgot, we’ve got a property in Attadale at 337A Preston Point Road up for auction at 12 noon tomorrow. It’s to suit $800,000 Plus Buyers and it’s a beauty.

Catch you at the auction or next week on the BLOG.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 18

By Rod Ryan

As I said last week this place never stops and we are getting busier and busier each week. February is going to be the 2nd biggest month we’ve had since start of business 1st July 2007 however, with a few days to go we could beat our “Supa Dupa’’ month of October 2007 -you just never know.

Sales activity continues to be strong. However, this last week we suffered two setbacks with sales not proceeding due to finance problems. This is rare for our company as we pride ourselves in getting it right the first time. The finance side of things out there is a little strange at present.

Last Friday afternoon, I was invited along to the Fremantle Prison to do the ’Fremantle Prison Tunnels Tour’ which I have to tell you was just fantastic! You go down these deep shafts and then you literally ’go boating’ along tunnels that go underneath the prison.

These tunnels used to provide all the water for Fremantle some years ago and were dug by hand by the inmates.

Thanks to Steve and Emily for looking after me. To book a tour, go to their website at

Yes, this Rod Ryan guy will go to any depths to sell your property.

Our guide Steve tried to give his guy, Matt from , the ’boot’ out of the prison.

Local builder Farouk had a fantastic time even though he said he was suffereing from ’tunnel vision’.

Back on ground zero again, it’s been a very productive time for us. Nuno has added three new managements to our Residential portfolio this week and our Commercial side of things is extremely busy. We have just listed 16,000 sqm for lease in Port Kennedy plus another 3 new showrooms and we’ve had some success with our storage units.

House and Land Packages are keeping Bill busy; so busy that he’s running off overseas for a couple of weeks to have a break -’’Oh, I’ll have my laptop and mobile with me,’’ says our workaholic Bill. So as usual we can expect at least four sales by the time he gets back!

Enjoy your long weekend and don’t forget to submit your email address to receive our fantastic e-newsletter. If you’re quick enough, you’ll catch the first edition, if not, we’ll have a fresh edition for you in April 08.

Catch you next week after another big week in real estate.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 17

By Rod Ryan

This business never seems to stop and as a matter of fact its starting to get really exciting as it seems to now be ’self generating’ as a result of all our marketing initiatives and market activity created by our team.

This week has again seen strong sales activity and we have also had some new managements directed towards us following recommendations from existing clients.

It’s been a busy listing week again with some really good properties coming on line and we have more auctions being listed next week.

Talking about Auctions our first auction for the year is taking place at 9 Burke Place, Orelia tomorrow morning at 11am and I would suggest you attend as you could do really well for yourself. The Owners need it sold and we’re calling for $200,000 plus buyers, so yes, it’s worth the trip to Orelia.

Finally got the “Brains Trust” to get our new e-news letter up and running and we’ve been really amazed at the number of people who have been submitting their email address in readiness for our first newsletter, which will be forwarded to subscribers on the 1st of March. We are really thrilled about this and it’s great to see this new initiative starting to come together.

Here’s an example of one of our new listings this week. It’s a really “crazy” Central Freo “New York Style” apartment and it has a real sense of individuality, volume and space and it’s this type of property that makes selling in Fremantle so interesting. Oh, the address is 11/5 Leake Street, Fremantle and it’s open for inspection Saturday from 1:00 -1:30pm. The price is $529,000 and it’s a great buy.

While we’re on the subject of new initiatives, we are about to launch our new weekly magazine. Yes, Mrs Dalena (Rupert Murdoch) Lindstrom has been hard at work and the initial “mock up” (not muck up) looks really outstanding. Hopefully we can get it hot off the press at the same time as our new E-newsletter on the 1st of March.

Have a great weekend (mine’s looking pretty busy) and we’ll catch you next week after another Big Week In Real Estate.

Rod Ryan

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Property Blog – Week 16

By Rod Ryan

I just received a telephone call from Niek at Bouncing Orange who has asked if we could hold off on our newsletter for another week or so as they are just flat out. No point in bouncing Niek or Bouncing Orange for that matter as they have been so wonderful to us in setting up all our website, etc… so I guess we’ll just have to sit tight.

It’s been another big week in real estate however it’s been a special week for Robert and Dalena as it was birthday time for these two Aquarians. I don’t know why Mig had to get in the picture but I guess that’s because after just selling another 5 lots in Forrestdale Business Park, totalling $3,488,000.00 he thinks this real estate business is a piece of cake!

Gee, we’ve been doing well. We have had a lot of sales this week with quite a few house and land packages plus the birthday boy Robert sold two industrial properties in Naval Base and a front factory/showroom unit in Port Kennedy. Travis has just sold a block of land in Port Bouvard and a lovely little home in Lacebark Close, South Lake. Oh, and the last commercial lot in Halifax Business Park in Bunbury. To be honest a lot of the ’reps’ are on fire and there is an awful lot going on.

We’ve just listed our fifth auction (it’s a beauty). It’s in Willagee on some 1094 sqm and it’s ripe for either development or renovation.

The Auditor, Martin Silver, gave us the all clear from last week’s ’shredding’ episode and everything here at De Freitas & Ryan seems to be going along really well.

Our Rental Department is busy as always however we need more properties to let.

Miguel and I had a meeting with an agent from yesterday morning. He has a client (well known in AFL football circles) that wants to develop a large portion of land in Cockburn and he may want us to act for them over here. It turns out I used to work with his business partner in real estate way back in 1971 in and I know his father quite well. It just goes to show it pays to do the right thing even when you are 3,500 kilometres away. Miguel and I are keen to be part of this project and we’ll keep you posted.

I’ve got to fly now as I’m trying to finalise a deal in Warnbro, however I’ll catch you next week after what I’m sure will be another big week in real estate.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 15

By Rod Ryan

Arrived at the office at 7am this morning, ’had a rush of blood’ and decided to clean up all my old files and general paperwork and brochures, etc…

After two hours of shredding paperwork and neatly putting away (all in new plastic ’Bunnings’ boxes) all my old diaries, accounts and tax files, etc…there was a knock on the office door. I went to the door with a handful of torn papers only to be confronted by a Mr. Martin Silver from MAS who advised me that he was here to do the audit of our Trust Account. I had a big smile and explained to him that I was doing some ’spring cleaning’ and we both laughed at the timing of ’my rush of blood’.

It’s been another big week in real estate. I started the week adding up all of January Sales and completing our outstanding report and then posting off our cheque to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.

There’s been a lot of follow up on the ’storage units’ meeting we had last Friday and there are some exciting developments happening in that area. Our Commercial Boys are all excited about the new commercial logo that appeared in the papers this week and our Residential Team is listing and selling well. Rentals, well we’ve simply run out, but our Property Manager is out chasing business and I’m sure we’ll build up our stocks again very quickly. It’s a real shame because we’ve got so many excellent people that we’re trying to find accommodation for.

This weekend is going to be extremely busy as we start to ’crank up’ our auction campaigns and I think overall we have over 20 Open For Inspections this weekend.

I must tell you, we have a fairly run down property we’ve been asked to put up for auction, however, it is full of old furniture and general refuse. The lady who has inherited the property needs a ’bit of a hand’ so our two reps, Brendan and Joey said, “We’ll get rid of it for you, we’ll just borrow the boss’s ute!” So if you think Real Estate is a glamorous business, think again because today in 30 degree plus heat, Brendan and Joey have been back and forth to the tip about 4 times. It just goes to show you that ’service’ comes in all forms at De Freitas & Ryan.

Interest rates were up this week but our company is that busy we ’didn’t feel a thing’. Sorry, Mr. Rudd but Western Australia is booming and its great to be a part of it.

We’ve just about got our newsletter going so check it out next week. As Dalena said last week, there’s lots and lots going on here at De Freitas & Ryan and we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for taking the time to read the BLOG, check out some of our listings as we’ve got some real beauties. Have a good weekend and we’ll check you again next week after what will be I’m sure, another big week in real estate.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 14

By Rod Ryan

I must confess I’ve been struggling to keep up this week as personally, I’ve moved house, been extremely busy business wise whilst helping out the team where I can in what has been another big week in real estate.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had been putting in a lot of work with our house and land packages and that one Mr. Bill McLarty was going to be an extremely busy boy this year. Well, just to keep you up to date, I’ve just got off the phone from Bill who has informed me that we’ve sold three homes in Secret Harbour this week at $399,000 a pop and one in Canningvale last night at $429,000. Miguel’s gone mad this week as well with four commercial sales, two in Bunbury and two in Forrestdale and he’s that flat out, I can’t even get a chance to find out what else. Maybe this afternoon on the way to Rockingham…

Our new sales team is going from strength to strength and we now have four properties up for auction. We’ve also picked up a fabulous coastal rural property on 5 acres in Lorimer Road, Munster at $1.7 million plus a number of new residential listing and yes, we’re very,very busy boys and girls!

I didn’t really expect to do all that well in January as it has been a month of review and reengineering of our business. However, when I get to add up the figures, I’m sure the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation will be thrilled as every time we sell and lease property, a percentage of our fees go to the kids. Yes, there’s been a lot of sales and we’ve let quite a few properties this week.

In regards to reengineering our business, Rob and Travis have been instrumental in redesigning our Commercial logo and we all think it’s going to be really effective.

Our business is growing rapidly and I put it down to the input of our people and the fact that the public like the way we go about our business.

We’ve got so much happening in our rental department and we’ve just designed our new advertising program centered around our property manager, Mr. Nuno Ouro. It’s really quite good and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when you see it advertised in local media. Yes, how could you say No-No to Nuno?

I’m running out the door with Miguel and heading for Rockingham where we’ve got a meeting with some developers who want our input and recommendations in regards to their commercial storage facilities. We are doing well in this area. So well in fact, that we may have to employ a specialist just to look over that side of the business.

To say it’s been a big week in real estate would be an understatement however, we’ll catch you next week and keep you informed with what’s been going on at De Freitas & Ryan.

Rod Ryan

P.S Dalena here, just letting you know that we haven’t forgotten about doing the e-newsletter. Maybe this afternoon after Rod returns from Rockingham. There are some great ideas in the works…We will keep you up to date!

Property Blog – Week 13

By Rod Ryan

It was good to start the day at 7:30 this morning to open up the lap top and see an email informing me that we have been approved to handle the sale of a six and a half acre horse property on Henderson Road, Munster. Just out of interest, it’s on the market at $1.3 million, has a two storey home, swimming pool, 100 year old full sized billiard table in the billiard room and its set up to train 6 horses. Yes, after the going’s on at the stock market this week you’d have to see this horse property as a very stable investment.

It certainly has been a big week in Real Estate for us here at De Freitas & Ryan and we seem to be just getting busier and busier with so much going on. I’ve just get off the phone from Miguel telling me he’s made a 1 o’clock appointment for me in Port Kennedy to put a commercial property up for auction with another agent client of his, Rod Searle.

We’ve also just picked up the leasing and management of 8 commercial units on North Lake Road, South Lake and I’m adding a new residential property to our books in Inverleith Street, South Fremantle tonight. It’s an exciting time for our new little company it really is.

Looks like it’s going to be a busy time for our auction division as I’ve just received a call from a client who wants to see me on Saturday afternoon to list his development site in Edmund Street, White Gum Valley for auction. It’s a great site and it will go like a rocket, so that’s something for our new reps to get their teeth into.

The sales have been coming in steady this week, but it has been the listings that have really been the standout. House and land packages continue to do well with another two wrapped up.

We have a really interesting scenario here in our office as Bill McLarty’s children work on privately owned super yachts that are located in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, America or where ever else the owners want them to go. There are a lot of young people who work on these boats and they all network together. As a result a number of them look to Bill to invest their earnings into Real Estate here in Perth. Bill sells them the properties, we lease and manage them and it works well for all concerned.

I promised Tony Knight (we’ve never met) who works up North in Karratha that I’d give him a mention on our blog. He reads it every week, has become really interested in property and wants me to consider him for a position in Real Estate when he “retires” from up North. It’s amazing the interest people out there have in Real estate and I’m “chuffed” that I’m able to give some sort of an insight into it.

I have got so much to talk about this week as there’s so much going on, but I’ll catch you next week after what I’m sure will be another Big Week In Real Estate.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 11

By Rod Ryan

An old friend of mine once told me that life was like a toilet roll. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes and at age 56, I’m starting to see what he means.

It only seems a few days ago that our office was celebrating at our Christmas breakup and now I’m ’blogging’ to you and its almost half way through January.

Our first week back has seen the removal of the Christmas decorations, our first sales meeting and the scheduling of meetings with the department heads of our business.

By all accounts 2008 appears to be headed for an extremely busy year and one of growth for our company. We’ve been fortunate to have begun the year with some excellent sales due to the flow on from the busy December sales activity we experienced. However, I’m going to give you an example of what real estate is like in 2008 in booming Western Australia, at the real estate company of De Freitas & Ryan.

On Tuesday the 8th of January, we received a call from one of our clients who works away up north in the mines, we already have an excellent client relationship with this fellow and his family and in fact we manage a number of his rental properties.

Our client requested that we act on his behalf on securing an apartment in Subiaco and he briefed us on the type of property he would like to buy.

After a bit of leg work, computer work, telephone work and a few trips up and back to ’Subi’ we were confident that we’d found the right property for our client. After a few more telephone calls, faxes and emails, a deal was done (sight unseen) and our client is now the proud owner of a superb apartment in Station Street, Subiaco.

Our company will manage this property and our owner will view it for the first time on Monday week when he flies back from up north.

It’s a changing world the world of real estate however its obvious that TRUST is the real key to client relationships and our sale in Station Street, Subiaco really demonstrates that.

It was nice to have a break over Christmas and to return to my native land of Victoria and achieve an ambition I’ve had for quite a number of years. Yes, I’m now a member of the ’Famous’ Shark Bait Medal Club after completing 10 ’Pier to Pub’ swims at Lorne on the wonderful great Ocean Road on the Victorian South Coast. What an event, what a thrill and what beautiful weather we had for the swim.

Well 2008, here we come and with all the enthusiasm and go we have in this place, it’s definitely going to be ’52 Big Weeks In Real Estate’!

Catch you next week!

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 12

By Rod Ryan

Boy oh boy it sure has been a big week in Real Estate. I’ve had our General Manager absolutely flat out ever since she returned to work and now she’s away at Property Courses honing her skills. As a result I haven’t been able to pin her down to get our E-news letter sorted out but she’s promised me maybe next week.

Our two new sales reps are out letter dropping and getting to know the business and it’s great to work alongside such keen, enthusiastic, young men who are destined to do extremely well. Young Brendan has listed a super home in Lucas Street in Willagee and he can’t wait for Saturday to do his first home open.

The only sale we’ve made this week was courtesy of Travis and that was a $550,000 property in Port Kennedy. Well done Trav, just back from holidays and throwing 3 pointers already.

What’s been good this week is that we’ve re- visited our advertising in both format and costing as a result we’ve got some exciting changes ahead.

Robo’s been trying to sneak off and get to the cricket but he’s been extremely busy with the commercial leasing side of things and this week alone has leased four properties, the largest being a $45,000 per annum factory in Bibra Lake that we are to manage as well.

Haven’t seen a lot of Bill this week as he has been off with his finance clients (Bill told me they did over $200 million dollars in lending last week). Bill has been doing a lot of ground work with house and land packages in Success and Secret Harbour and he has a lot of sales activity in the pipeline. 2008 is going to be an extremely busy year for one Mr. Bill Mclarty.

Two auctions listed in one week means we can’t “talk” to Joey. One is in Orelia (Suit $200,000Plus Buyers) and the other is in Coogee high on the hill with Ocean views. He’s quite a character our Joey, they all love him out there and boy does he write some figures.

Miguel and I were up in Canning Vale at 8am this morning placing two new showrooms up for lease (they are both 340sqm each). Then off to a rental property in Hamilton Hill and then up and back to Port Kennedy.

Yes, we’re busy and Yes, we’re excited about 2008 and Yes, it’s been another Big Week In Real Estate.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 10

By Rod Ryan

Well as promised we raised a bit of cash for the kids at the Princess Margret Hospital and today I’ll be seeing them all with a very special Christmas bonus thanks to our fund raiser at last Sunday’s Carols in the Park.

Thanks to all our staff members who assisted and made it a great event. The Centre Point Church Choir were just magnificent and we hope to be given the opportunity next year to support them all.

I mentioned last week that we were slowing down a bit as we get closer to Christmas, however nobody told Joey, Rob or Bill that and they’ve been building up sale files on his desk that you can’t see over. Robs just listed a small commercial property in Coolbellup and word has it that we’ve just listed a wonderful home in Coogee around the $900,000 plus mark.

It’s been a really amazing six months at De Freitas & Ryan. We made our annual budget after just four months and as a result we’ve had to completely re jig our sales and financial targets.

We’ve recruited some exceptional people and we’ve completely run out of office space. As a result Miguel and I are now on the lookout for a second office that we can link closely with our Fremantle base. Yes 2008 is set out to be and exciting year. Our rental portfolio finished this year on the up and I was pleased to see we’ve hit the big time and actually have a rental list with 5, yes 5 properties to lease. We anticipate a lot of growth in this area in 2008 and again it is due to the enthusiasm and expertise of our fantastic staff.

Our I.T. people have set up our E-news letter on our website which is just great , except I haven’t had time to produce it yet. Nothing much is going to happen until the second week of January and by then our “Brain’s Trust” , General Manager, Dalena Lindstrom will have returned from her white Christmas in the US and we can get things organised.

Christmas gives us an opportunity to take stock of everything that has happened during the year. It is a time of the year where we reflect on the many things that we must be thankful for; our families and friends and the country we live in that allows us to reach or potential.

I would like to especially thank Miguel De Freitas (my young business partner) for giving me the opportunity of joining with him in building what I believe will be an extremely successful and special Real Estate organisation. I would like to thank my beautiful wife Melita for all her support throughout the year and “being there” when the hard decisions had to be made.

To all our wonderful staff and their spouses, thanks for putting up with the “twins” (Rod and Mig) and I can assure you next year will be even bigger and better for us all. To all our clients and public, thanks for supporting us and a special thanks to the Princess Margaret Hospital for allowing us to feel very special in our support of their foundation.

Have a special Christmas everyone and a wonderful, safe and healthy 2008. Yes, “It’s Been A Very Big Year In Real Estate” .

Rod Ryan