Weekly Blog by Miguel De Freitas & Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 29

By Rod Ryan

Has it ever. Last week I mentioned that we had an Auction coming up in Reen Street, St. James on the following day and welcomed you all along but reminded you to not only bring your cheque book but your umbrella as well.

Well boy, did it rain. As a matter of fact, it rained that much at 2 o’clock just when the Auction started, that someone pointed to the road which had water flowing down it at a rapid rate and asked if we were actually selling a water front property.

4 bidders, 17 bids and 15 minutes later the home was sold for $390,000 under the hammer and both Buyer and Seller were thrilled with the result. Our Auction team continues to obtain outstanding results and if you are looking to obtain maximum price for your property, please give me a call and I’ll get ’the ball rolling’.

I’ve got that much to do today but the team keep on coming in with good news which is great.

Nuno has just rushed in saying we have received an email from an adjoining property owner of a property we let two months ago saying he wants to engage our company to let for him.

Brendan is faxing contracts back and forth to Geraldton and Joey is still whinging about the government’s decision to alter stamp duty rates as from the 1st July 2008. Joey says that Eric Ripper has cost him 4 sales this week with buyers understandably holding off till the 1st of July to cash in on the reduction in stamp duty. I didn’t realise that our Treasurer, Eric was actually a Collingwood supporter, so now his decision making is understandable.

Haven’t heard form Bill for a few days but he’ll be doing his usual thing. Eastern States associates have received finance approval on three of their sales this week and things are going along steady in that area.

I’ve just listed a ’showpiece’ in Bicton that I’m going to try to get on the Net today (if Corey hasn’t already sold it) and it looks like another busy weekend coming up.

Catch up with you next week after what is going to be ’Another Big Week In Real Estate’.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 28

By Rod Ryan

Busy. Busy. Busy. If I don’t pick up the dry cleaning today, my wife is going to gong me on the head. This time of the year it usually goes a bit quiet however it’s full steam ahead at De Freitas & Ryan.

We’ve had lots going on this week and our Sales Team has been extremely active. Bill’s a funny bloke, he was telling us at our meeting on Wednesday that he has sold another House & Land Package in Canning Vale but it’s taken him 3 weeks to wrap up this particular deal and about $300 worth of petrol in the ’Mighty Statesman’. Not all of our sales this week have been that hard but we won’t tell Bill that.

Our Auction tomorrow in Reen Street, St. James has attracted a lot of interest and we are confident of an excellent result. It’s close to Curtin University and is a really good ’do-er-upper-a’ or rental investment. Come along at 2pm on Saturday and watch us strut our stuff. Just bring your cheque book and your umbrella.

Dalena, Miguel & I continue to fine tune our business and we’re having a lot of fun. We’ve been working our way through all our systems and it’s amazing the improvements we are making. We’ve got big plans for our business and it is with the future in mind that our General Manager is getting all our structures and systems in place. It really is quite exciting.

The rental market continues to ’over heat’ and as a result our Property Manager is extremely busy. Nuno came to me today to advise me that we manage residential properties in 22 different suburbs and I thanked him for that wonderful piece of information (he’s probably chasing an increase in his car allowance).

I’ve got a 2pm appointment with Nuno today (I better take my car) to list two new properties for lease, one in Spearwood and one in South Fremantle and we’ve added another 5 managements (3 Residential and 2 Commerical) to our portfolio this week.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day so our Sales Team are all taking the day off as it is generally one of the quietest days on our yearly sales calendar. My mum is laid up in hospital in with a bruised hip so I’ll be on the phone for a couple of hours.

We’ve got some excellent new listings so it looks like next week is sure to be, ’Another Big Week In Real Estate’. I’ll catch you then.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 27

By Rod Ryan

Had an appointment in the city first thing this morning and on the way into my office in Fremantle I looked out at the beautiful ’millpond’, the Indian Ocean only to see a huge warship.

After coming back from an appraisal at 1:30, I saw this monster of a ship parked right outside our office and thought to myself what a special town this Fremantle is.

USS Tarawa, an American helicopter carrier, is here for a few days and that means it’s going to be a big weekend here in Freo.

It’s been ’Another Big Week In Real Estate’ and we finished off the month in style with Joey Castaldi taking out the honours for top salesperson of the month for the very first time. Well done, Joey and don’t forget the crayfish.

On a serious note we have been doing some exceptional Real Estate with the highlight this week being our first commitment to lease a showroom in our huge new Cockburn Central commercial development. The lease is a multi national tyre company and we believe we will now have a domino effect with major brand tenants falling in line.

Residential Sales are steady however the pleasing thing is that some of our new initiatives seem to be gaining ground as we are being called in for more market valuations. We have a beauty going on the market next Monday in Maritime Terrace, Coogee and Bill continues to sell House & Land Packages in Canning Vale. He’s got some cheapies in Gosnells at $309,000 however they seem to be struggling at the moment.

We listed some 10 acres of land ripe for subdivision in Hammond Park and a multi storey development site in Fremantle. We’ve secured new managements this week in both Commercial and Residential and we are all working hard building this dynamic business.

No auctions this weekend however we’re all busy with Open for Inspections and appointments – gearing up for a huge month in May.

Catch you next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 26

By Rod Ryan

ANZAC Day tomorrow so thought I better get in early in what has been ’Another Big Week in Real Estate’.

We have just so much going on and in the last few days, we’ve done the following:

  • Sold a home in Forrest Road, Hamilton Hill for $440,000.
  • Listed a beautiful ’Character Home’ in Blackwood Avenue, Hamilton Hill for $447,000.
  • Listed a 446 sq meter block with ocean views in Blackwood Avenue, Hamilton Hill for $285,000.
  • Listed a superb refurbished two bedroom villa in Booragoon (too) close to Garden City for $479,000.
  • Listed a beautiful new factory in Bibra Lake for sale.
  • Listed a factory for sale in Naval Base.
  • Sold a showroom in Port Kennedy for mid $300k’s.
  • Leased a Commercial Property in Holdsworth Street, Fremantle to a multi national company.
  • Sold a home in Parmelia for $280,000 that’s been on the market with another agent for over a year. We sold it in 48 hours.
  • Listed a beautiful 3 x 2 villa in Hammond Park for $430,000.
  • Listed a 2 bedroom villa in Leda for $265,000.
  • Listed a 2 storey small home in Yangebup for $429,000.
  • Listed a lovely 3 bedroom home on a large block in Yangebup for $398,000.
  • Listed 2 homesites in Success.
  • Leased out a new 180 sq metre factory unit in Naval Base.
  • Listed 2 new showrooms in Cockburn Central for lease.
  • Leased our 10th new residential Management for the month of April and as Nuno said, ’I’ve still got a week to go’.
  • Had four new contracts from our Eastern States Consultants arrive today.
  • Joey asked me to wait on the blog (which I can’t) until later today as he is going to sell a home in Samson for around $450,000 and an apartment in Blackwood Avenue Hamilton Hill.
  • There’s lots more going on as well but its been difficult trying to get hold of the guys as they’re all so darn busy (not complaining).

I was in on business last week and I took the time to check on what some of the leading agents are up to. I was absolutely amazed at how much they have ’raised the bar’ in terms of size, professionalism and marketing power and I realised how much scope there is for the future at De Freitas & Ryan.

We are all in exciting times and it is just a matter of continually striving to do our best.

Catch you next week after what is sure to be a special week when we reflect on how fortunate we are to have had our ANZAC forbears secure our nation’s future.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 25

By Rod Ryan

Did we have some fun last Saturday! I put the sold sign on the board at Edmund Street on the way to our Auction at South Lake and got held up talking to a few people about values in the White Gum Valley and Fremantle area.

When I pulled into Bolderwood Drive, South Lake with only 10 minutes to spare, I couldn’t believe the number of cars parked in the street. When I finally made it to the house I saw “Lights, Camera, Action” and was informed that some students from UWA, who regularly follow our blog were filming our Auction as part of their studies.

In front of a crowd of some seventy people we had six buyers fighting it out, took 19 bids and eventually brought the hammer down to a rousing applause at $348,000. Great result all round and even had to straighten the tie for an interview with the girls from UWA following the Auction.

Our proud Managing Director Rod Ryan hands over De Freitas & Ryan’s cheque to Mrs. Lesley Hooper from the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.

For those people who regularly read our blog on our web site they’ll be aware that our company has a strong association with the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. Every time our company sells or leases a property part of our fee is donated to “the kids” at the hospital. Yes, every month the foundation receives a cheque from De Freitas & Ryan and following our record month in March our last cheque was a beauty.

We have lots going on as well. We haven’t been happy with our “logo” advertising in the West Australian and Sunday Times and as a result of some design consultation with our graphic designer (we’ll give him a plug – Phil De Glanville from Image 7 Group, 9221 9777). We have come up with a new design which will hit the press for the first time this weekend.

All our Sales team are extremely busy and amused by all the negative press out there. Rentals are coming in at a steady rate and we are thrilled with the way things are going. Just this week an existing client has appointed us to manage a property they have purchased in Fortini Court, Hamilton Hill. Another client has just appointed us to manage two commercial properties in Marine Terrace, Fremantle. Another two new managements in Hamilton Hill on Sawle Street and another in Hyam Street are now on our books for lease. We’ve also just been appointed to manage two homes in Warnbro Sound and our reputation in rental management is starting to blossom.

When you read this I’ll be in the Eastern States touching base with our consultants over there who are assisting us enormously with our sales power. Bill McLarty has just phoned in to say he has sold one of our House and Land packages in Clontarf Terrace, Canning Vale for $429,000 and Travis just bowled over a large commercial property in Cockburn Central for well over the million mark.

Last night Miguel and I listed a property for Auction in St. James near Curtin University and it’s another one that will go like a rocket. Suit $350,000 Plus Buyers and it must be sold.

This Real Estate business is fantastic. I’ve been in it for 38 years and love it more each day.

Catch you next week after what I’m sure will be ’Another Big Week In Real Estate’.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 24

By Rod Ryan

Busy Busy Busy. I mentioned last week that March was the best month our Company has ever had and boy are we paying for it adminsitration wise at the moment. A lot of files, a lot of letters to settlement agents etc.., and a lot of pest and building inspections.

Today we have an audit being done by Michelle from the Real Estate Board and she commented how busy our office was and how good the atmosphere was at De Freitas & Ryan.

Results this week have been down compared to previous weeks however we’ve done some really great work. We’ve listed some major commercial property both for sale and for lease including one in Canning Vale for $725,000 per annum and the Head Office of a major national organisation in Adelaide Street, Fremantle for $100,925 per annum.

Residential listings are coming in but not at the rate we are happy with which means we have to continue to improve in that area. We are auctioning a four bedroom home in South Lake tomorrow at 101 Bolderwood Drive and there appears to be some serious interest in it. Come along at 12 noon and see us in action. Joey Castaldi has worked really hard for his clients and he’s looking forward to Auction Day.

Corey’s beautiful little daughter, Amelie is helping me with this week’s blog and has offered to help me with my advertising next week.

Nuno is all smiles as he’s just picked up two new rental managements in Hamilton Hill. Our sales team is working hard also.

We’ll catch you again next week after what is sure to be another big week in Real Estate.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 23

By Rod Ryan

The first few days of a new month are always pretty routine for me in that I have to collate all the figures from the respective divisions within our Company, complete the reports and then set the structures in place for the new month.

Well, all that’s been completed so I can now do the enjoyable part of my job and that’s to send off our cheque ( and this one’s a beauty) to Mrs. Lesley Hooper for the ’kids’ at the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.

Yes, last month was the best month our Company has ever had in our short history since we opened for business 1st July 2007. The performance of our respective divisions is most pleasing and we certainly are growing our business.

I had another Real Estate Agent come in and see me through the week and when I spoke to him the following day, he said he had to pass onto me how impressed he was with our company. He went on to say that while he was waiting in the office to see me, everyone kept coming up to him offering to assist him and he said “obviously you are doing well as there is a real ’buzz’ in the place and your staff are all so helpful”. As they say nothing succeeds like success, but it is good to get feedback like that particularly from people within the industry.

Well, April has started off well and the whiteboard is starting to fill with sales, listings and leasings and it appears it’s going to be another BIG month. The team is working really well and I’m extremely proud of their commitment to this company and their attitude towards clients.

Results are fantastic and our rental department continues to build in numbers from referrals and new managements.

Our boy Bill has been a bit off colour for the last month and he hasn’t been able to get near the office. However, he’s starting to get back on his feet and yesterday attended a very important meeting with some new development clients that want us to handle all their House & Land packages. With product from $309,000 in Gosnells, yes, that’s right, fantastic House & Land packages from $309,000 that we can let for $300 per week, Bill was licking his lips.

I have also just spoken with our Eastern States consultants who have just informed me that they have made another five sales for us this week and when I advised them of the $309,000 Gosnells product, he asked if I could get the details over to him straight away! I think Bill might move the first 8 pretty quick and get in before those ’Eastern Staters’ scoop the pool.

More and more people are becoming aware of our Company, more and more people are encouraging us to keep on with our new initiatives and more and more people are feeling part of our Real Estate experience via the blog.

Don’t forget to subscribe to receive our E Newsletter and we’ll catch you next week after what I’m sure will be another Big Week In Real Estate.

Rod Ryan

P.S: I bumped into Cameron Schwab (CEO of the Fremantle Dockers) at Subway yesterday and told him to put big Aaron Sandilands at full forward and just leave him there. Cameron just smiled as if to say “keep selling homes Rod and leave team selection to me”. Well, at least I’ve had my say

Property Blog – Week 22

By Rod Ryan

My word it’s been a big week in Real Estate. We all had 4 beautiful days off over Easter however even with a short week this week there is just so much going on.

I did the points with Miguel last night (that’s a monthly calculation of commission dollars for our Sales Division) and it was no surprise to see that we have just recorded our best ever month at De Freitas & Ryan; and we’ve still got 4 days to go! October last year was huge for us and I thought that would take a few years before we would top that however some 5 months later and we’ve beaten that mark by about 30%.

A lot of people including Real Estate Agents are now reading our blog and I’ve had some business friends of mine query how we are doing so well in such a difficult market.

Obviously we’ve put a lot into developing our business structure and making sure we have the right personnel. However, the simple reason is that we do the right things and work hard for our clients.

An example of this is we had a client who had a large number of properties he was having trouble selling. He was referred to us and we sat down, worked out a marketing strategy and then went to work. Nothing happened. Not one solitary sale in over 6 weeks. Instead of putting it into the ’too hard basket’, we thought outside the square and engaged some interstate consultants to assist us.

As a result, we are now working our way through this large amount of property and again this week three new completed contracts arrived from our consultants in New South Wales. The opportunities here in Western Australia are enormous and it’s just a matter of putting them in front of people who recognise that.

Anyway enough about that. Rentals are flying out the door as soon as we get them and as result we are building that side of our business at a rapid rate. Well done Nuno.

Sales and listings are coming in steadily and we have just listed a must be sold home in Bolderwood Drive, South Lake, that we have been instructed to Auction on the 12th of April.

You may recall back in week 8 of our blog on December 7th, we made a mention of the fact that Miguel’s Sydney clients were here in town and that he was tied up with them for most of that week. Well the “boys are back in town” (along with their wives and children) again this week for a series of meetings with solicitors, project managers, builders etc. and we are extremely excited with what’s ahead for our company with what is going to be a huge development in Cockburn Central.

I’ve got to go RACE off now as we are taking our Sydney clients to the harness racing tonight and you can BET on it being a great night at Gloucester Park.

Catch you next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 21

By Rod Ryan

It’s actually Thursday the 20th but for the sake of uniformity I’ll pretend I’m working on Good Friday.

We had a massive week in sales last week and to be honest the highlight so far this week has been getting our office football tipping competition up and running.

The timing of Easter this year is great as the team at De Freitas & Ryan have been going flat out since Christmas and our results have been nothing short of outstanding.

Miguel grouped us altogether on Monday and insisted we all take the ’foot off the pedal’ and have a break over the Easter and power into it as of next Tuesday.

Miguel and I will have some news for you shortly concerning our business and I can’t wait to announce it.

Have a wonderful Easter and an enjoyable, safe, happy few days off with your family.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 20

By Rod Ryan

Didn’t set the world on fire at our Attadale auction last week which is really disappointing as it’s a special home. However, the team tell me we’ve now got some solid interest so it looks like it’s about to ’pop’.

I’ve got the chance to redeem myself this weekend as I’ve got two auctions on Saturday and one on Sunday and all three should go.

Our sales team has had some enormous success this last week and in total we’ve sold in excess of $17 million dollars worth of Real Estate. I’ll say that again, we’ve sold $17 million dollars worth of Real Estate since I left for last Saturday night and returned today which is simply awesome. Maybe I should go away more often as that would have to be one of the biggest weeks in Real Estate we’ve ever had.

Bill rang me on Wednesday to say he’s returned from China but has caught the flu. That won’t stop Bill who is already following up the leads from when he was away.

The listings are coming in at a steady rate and our Residential Department is enjoying great success.

Dalena (Brain’s Trust) Lindstrom has finished our weekly booklet which we’re all thrilled about and this is going to be updated every week. I was trying to get a photo of Dalena with the completed booklet but I couldn’t get her off the phone so I’ve snapped young Sam instead.

I’ve got to rush off and get myself organised for what is sure to be a busy weekend but before I do, I promised I’d say ’Hí’ on the blog to Anne from Bicton who is an up and coming Real Estate fan.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.

I would just like to add that I’ve been in Real Estate since 1970 and I’ve never encountered the same amount of dedication, enthusiasm and performance from a Sales Team as I have as De Freitas & Ryan. Every week just seems to produce wonderful results stemming from the work ethic and skill of our team.

Catch you next week.

Rod Ryan