Weekly Blog by Miguel De Freitas & Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 39

By Rod Ryan

Extremely tired is one Mr. Ryan but it’s not from selling and leasing Real Estate, it’s from staying up all night watching that magnificent Tour de France. I’ve never seen better scenery in all my life and I’ve had so much enjoyment watching this remarkable event.

I’ve only got 3 more nights (or stages) to watch before our Cadel Evans stands on the podium on the Champs Elysees as winner of this year’s Tour.

Just think, I’ve only got a little over two weeks rest before I’ll be competing in every event at the Beijing Olympics”¦.on my new TV. I can’t wait.

Well, it’s not only been a big week in the French Pyrenees Mountains but “It’s Been Another Big Week in Real Estate’ at De Freitas & Ryan. We’ve had roofs blowing off factories, houses flooded and it’s been raining listings both Residential & Commercial all week.

Some of the properties going on the books this week are sensational and August is looking really good.

I’m looking forward to doing our of End of Month reporting as I’ve mentioned we’ve had some really good gains this month on the growth of our business.

We’re going through a few “growing pains’ at the moment as we continue to build but it’s all a lot of fun. New managements and stratas are rolling in and it is sometimes hard to keep up.

Miguel pulled me aside before and asked me to help with some layouts for special signs. I asked him how many there were and he said, “About 10’. Yes, we’re busy and it’s all “Go!’ here at De Freitas & Ryan.

Joey just asked where the “Big Guy’ (Travis) was and Dalena informed him that he is headed up to a place called Mukinbudin (about 1 hour north of Merridin in country WA) to help out with the “kids’ at a basketball clinic. He’s a good guy, our Travis and he really enjoys passing on his basketball and life skills to the young kids. Well done, mate.

Knowing Travis’ luck, he’ll finish up selling the Mukinbudin Town Hall while he’s up there as he’s been “on fire’ these past few months.

Busy weekend coming up and hopefully a few more sales to finish off “What’s been Another Big Month in Real Estate’.

Catch you next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 38

By Rod Ryan

What a week we’ve had. Lots and lots going on and we’re all extremely busy. Results aren’t all that good to be honest but we all feel like we’re doing well and that’s a really good positive in what’s a negative market that we’re currently experiencing. All the sales we’ve had this week have been little ones and our listing side of things has been a bit down on the previous week however we’re all busy making things happen.

I’ve played around with the advertising a bit this weekend and “tweaked’ up a few other areas of our business and things are generally going well.

Building our business is our priority at the moment and I’m proud to say it’s going exceptionally well. Robert’s clients came into our office on Monday and handed over seven new managements plus we’ve added three more this week.

Residential Property Management is flying with a number of properties being added to the “books’ again this week and Nuno is all excited as he has a lady coming into our office next Thursday to arrange for us to take over all her properties. He doesn’t know how many she has only that we’ve been highly recommended and she’s not happy with her current agent.

Our Property Management has been growing at such a rapid rate that we have all had to “pitch in’ and help out but I think the time has now come for us to appoint another Property Manager.

Bill is back from his cruise with the rich and famous around the Mediterranean and he’s all fired up to earn some “Euros’ so he can get back from over there again soon.

Trav has just phoned in to say he’s wrapped up another one and he’s $15,000 away from one in South Lake.

I’ve got the flu and all I want to do is get under the doona however, it’s hard to get away from this dynamic group of young people that are really inspiring.

We’ve got a lot to look forward to next week and I can’t wait to do our End of Month reports as we’ve really made some good gains.

Catch you next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 37

July 11, 2008
By Rod Ryan

Last Friday a few of us decided to head out for a meal and a little later on we ventured out to a night spot in Northbridge. Well what a time we had. Karaoke like I’ve never seen before and were the “punters” good. Towards the end of the night a group of three “used to be” young men decided to do De Freitas & Ryan proud with a barnstorming rendition of “Working Class Man” . They were absolutely fantastic and “brought the house down” .

Miguel, Hue and Kev belting out “Working Class Man” at a Northbridge night spot.

Last week was a very big week in Real Estate for us all and it was great to let our hair (not a lot left) down.

Monday morning’s sales meeting was the usual catch up on results of open for inspection and details of current offers, sales and listings. Robert stole the show a bit by announcing that after 3 months of follow ups, he has just been appointed managing agent for 7 properties in the Rockingham area being a mixture of retail and commercial. We are all extremely busy building our business and it’s a great deal of fun as well.

We picked up another rental management in Coolbellup yesterday and the chap was referred to us by a friend of his who gave us a real “pat on the back” . As it turns out the chap was Portuguese and Miguel couldn’t help himself by saying that it was our name De Freitas & Ryan that was helping to bring in so many Portuguese clients. He then turned to me and said “How many Irish clients have we got on our books Mr. Ryan?” and it was at that point I decided to totally ignore him.

I’ve been in most of this week however, by all reports it’s been Another Big Week In Real Estate with lots going on at De Freitas & Ryan.

We’ll catch you next week after I thaw out from the freezing temperatures across in .

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 36

By Rod Ryan

Hey, it’s the 4th of July and that’s a big Independence Day for our resident “All American’, Travis Lindstrom.

Well, last month finished off well and we are all thrilled with what has been our very first full financial year. Now we can start to compete against our own figures and measure our growth as a company.

I just wrote out our cheque for the “kids’ at the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and I quickly added up our contribution over the past twelve months and I must say, I felt really proud. Our team has sold and leased a lot of properties over the past twelve months and every time we complete a transaction, the kids benefit financially and that’s something all of us at De Freitas & Ryan are proud of.

“It’s Been Another Big Week In Real Estate’ with sales and listings quite steady and our rental department is hectic as usual.

Being the start of a New Year we dedicated a few days this week into planning and budgets for the coming year. We should, of course, have done this at least a month ago but we are learning and next year, we’ll get it right. We all seem to get really busy and it’s sometimes hard to get our admin team together.

We locked our admin staff in the office today, provided lunch and insisted that we get the job done and I’m pleased to announce that we completed our figure work today.

It’s been a really busy Friday and I’m told we’ve just let four homes today and we’re expecting a big weekend sales wise as well.

Tuesday the 1st of July meant the beginning of our profit sharing scheme at De Freitas & Ryan, so it’s all go, go, go with the Sales team.

It’s 3 pm and I’ve got to get over to Bicton to put a home unit on the market so I’ll catch you next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 35

By Rod Ryan

Absolutely flat out. Everybody is busy, busy, busy, as we finish off our very first financial year and what a big week, what a big month and what a big financial year it’s been at De Freitas & Ryan Property Consultants.

Before I get too carried away, I had a quick meeting with an old mate of mine (who is a Real Estate Agent and Valuer) yesterday from and his company is doing some amazing things in property. His Real Estate company specializes in Strategic Property Consulting and he is over here acting on behalf of one of their clients who is looking at outlaying in the vicinity of $60 million dollars on one purchase. We have had previous dealings with his company and Miguel De Freitas has been of great assistance to them with his knowledge and experience. Big things ahead. Incidentally his company has 16 Directors, 180 staff and employs quantity surveyors, town planners, etc”¦ in what is a totally new world from the old Stockdale & Leggo Real Estate days back in in 1970 where I first worked with Phil.

Back to De Freitas & Ryan, we’ve had lots happening this past week with Travis getting the old “hat trick’ last weekend and it’s going to be neck and neck between Brendan, Travis and Rob as to who takes the prize for June in what’s been an exceptional sales month.

Commercial leasing has featured large this week and our commercial division has achieved some amazing results.

We’re building our Commercial business and really taking it to the “big boys’ and this week alone we’ve done something in the order of 11 transactions.

At 8:30 this morning I had an appointment with our Property Manager, Mr. Nuno Ouro. We climbed in his brand new company car and headed off for a rental appraisal at 27/6 Solomon Street Fremantle. As navigator, I informed Nuno that I didn’t believe we had big blocks of units in Solomon Street and he assured me that that was the correct address. After some up and down Solomon Street journeys, I said, “Nuno, please check the address, this can’t be right.” After a long silence, our Portuguese super hero, Nuno Ouro turned to me and said, “Sorry Rod, that is actually the date and not the address.” We finally made it to the correct address with big smiles on our face and I couldn’t help but to tell the story to the client. I guess you can’t win them all.

We’ll catch you next week after what is sure to be, “Another Enjoyable, Rewarding and Big Week In Real Estate.’ Our profit sharing kicks in as of the 1st of July so you watch our team power ahead next month.

Rod Ryan

P.S We need more properties to lease as we’ve let 12 so far this month and have great people looking for homes.

Property Blog – Week 34

By Rod Ryan

It feels like only 10 minutes ago that I was writing last week’s blog, however when I think about it, there’s been a lot going on in “What’s Been Another Big Week In Real Estate’ at De Freitas & Ryan. Quite a few sales, quite a few listings and quite a few new managements – some in places I’m not too familiar with in Carlisle and Beckenham.

We are really quite thrilled with our “friends of De Freitas & Ryan’ who continuously refer business to us and help us to build our business.

While I’m writing this, Miguel is on the phone to someone who wants us to take over the management of a property in Bibra Lake, so onwards and upwards again today.

Some of the highlights for us this week have been the listing of a fantastic one bedroom apartment in Mount Pleasant by Travis for $299,000 and a wonderful character home on a substantial land holding in South Fremantle that has been placed on Auction by Joey.

Everyone is extremely busy however Miguel, Dalena and I have a day with the accountant.

We’d rather be doing Real Estate however, that’s all part of the overall business so there we have it. Should be good today although, we’re proud of what we’ve done in this our first year.

One of the guys has just walked in with a deal for $660,000 that he wrapped up last night (well done, Brendan) and I’m told both Corey and Robert are both in the middle of negotiations at the moment.

Trav’s got someone with him at the moment but I’ve just been told he got an offer on the “plum’ in Mount Pleasant last night so it looks as though that’s going off pretty quickly.

Nuno wants to know if it’s an investor who’s buying it because he’s got a lady who is keen to lease that type of thing in that area. Poor Nuno, he’s so busy, he’s leased 6 this week but he’s having an absolute ball and wished he’d gone into Real Estate 20 years ago. He’s excellent at what he does, is a real people person and puts in the hours to assist his clients in his “nothing’s too much trouble’ attitude.

We’ve done a lot better than we thought we’d do this month (taking into account the stamp duty issue as of the 1st of July 2008) so I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s a great business to be in particularly when you are challenged.

The accountant is here, so we’ll catch you next week after “What’s Going To Be Another Big Week in Real Estate’.

Rod Ryan

P.S Travis has just told me he hopes to do three sales today. One in Mount Pleasant, one in Booragoon and one in Success.

Property Blog – Week 33

By Rod Ryan

It’s a great business this Real Estate business, there’s always something going on and if you can get right in amongst it like we do then it becomes all consuming and an enormous amount of fun. We have only some three weeks to go to celebrate our first birthday at De Freitas & Ryan so as you can imagine, we’re all pretty excited.

Talk about being excited, I just had my beautiful little Italian wife on the phone yelling at the top of her lungs (which isn’t unusual) telling me that she’s just won a car! She also told me I have to go to Garden City to pick it up as she can’t drive it because it’s a manual. So much for an unlucky Friday the 13th.

In all my excitement, I forgot to ask her what kind of car it is but I guess I’ll find out when she’s sobered up.

We’ve also heard from Robert this morning who’s across in the Eastern States bringing our consultants over there up to mark with our current list of projects that are available for sale. This initiative has been a very worthwhile one and is something we see really expanding into the future.

Bill’s been on the phone this morning as well informing us that he sold another House & Land package last night and he has four potential starters all talking with our Finance Manager as we speak. Bill’s off on a cruise on Saturday and our Joey Castaldi has stepped in to rescue the situation as we have some “electrifying deals’ at the moment and they are selling well.

On our blog of May 30, we mentioned that Bill had listed 12 new House & Land packages priced between $350-$400,000 and that they have a solar package worth $27,000 as part of the deal. You can actually have free electricity and even sell the excess power back to the grid. It’s a good deal and Joey can’t get Bill on that ship quick enough.

In general terms, this week we’ve all been extremely busy listing and selling. The pick of the listings is a superb home in St. Paul’s Estate for $675,000 and Trav has just sold another apartment upstairs from our office in the Woodsons building. We think everyone got on board this week except for me, however after today, I’m thinking of going into the motoring industry.

Leasing continues to be very busy both commercially and residentially. Nuno is all smiles as he’s let quite a few this week and picked up another management.

I am off to the city for two appointments, all our reps are getting organized for another busy weekend and our admin staff are right on top of things.

Have a great weekend and we’ll catch you next week after what’s sure to be “Another Big Week In Real Estate’.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 32

By Rod Ryan

A short week but ’Another Big Week In Real Estate’ as we continue to grow our business.

Robert was awarded top salesman for May and he’s ’opened the batting’ for June with three deals already. One, a big ’fat’ factory warehouse in East Rockingham which he’s leased for $143,000 per annum on a long term lease, then he sold a storage unit in the same street and a 2312 sqm site in Naval Base.

The rest of us are all extremely busy and determined to be strong in a relatively weak market. Everyone I talk to is waiting for the 1st of July which seems rather silly to me as we’re confident of achieving some great results in June.

This our first year in business has seen us achieve our yearly sales target after only four months and we could have only dreamed of the achievements we’ve made in our Strata and Property Management side of the business.

These achievements would not have been possible without the wonderful effort put into De Freitas & Ryan by everyone associated, particularly our wonderful staff. We are extremely proud of our achievements and excited about the future direction of our business.

When Miguel De Freitas & I revisited our “goals’, the overall standout is that we plan to make De Freitas & Ryan the leading Real Estate company in Western Australia. A big statement and an ambitious plan however, we feel we’re well on the way. Yes, we’ve got lots and lots to do, nevertheless we’re all focused and enjoying being part of building our business.

To achieve our goals, we’ve researched what we need to do and what structures we need to put in place. We’ve already implemented many structures and whilst these are constantly under review, we’d have to say that the business is functioning extremely well.

Nonetheless, to go to the next step and to compete against our first year figures, we are going to have to really apply ourselves. In order to continue to move forward and retain and attract new people, we have decided to introduce profit sharing into De Freitas & Ryan as of the 1st of July this year. This decision has been made after researching a number of models and consulting with some of our associates that are major players in the Real Estate industry. We’ve come up with our very own format taking into account the future direction of our company, the culture we’re building at De Freitas & Ryan and the type of people (ethical, driven and passionate career people) we wish to be associated with.

Our staff are naturally excited about this initiative particularly as the format we have designed allows for distribution on a monthly basis effective 1st July 2008. We believe this initiative will be of great benefit to our company and people as we strive to build into the future.

As I’ve been writing this blog this morning, I’ve been busy with a few other Real Estate matters. Good news in that Nuno and I have just been appointed Managing Agents for two new properties in Leda, one in Dalrymple Drive and the other in Glastonbury Street. We’re picking up another one in Lefroy Road, South Fremantle this afternoon.

I’ve just been helping Miguel negotiate a deal and I’m running late with my one on one appointments with our Sales team.

The numbers logging onto our e-news letter is very exciting and I thank you for the favourable comments being forwarded to us. Nuno “won a few hearts’ after last week’s blog and all is good at De Freitas & Ryan in what’s been “Another Big Week In Real Estate’.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 31

By Rod Ryan

It certainly has been ’A Big Week In Real Estate’ however, I’m going to keep things really brief as I have something special I want to share with you concerning our Property Manager, Mr. Nuno Ouro.

So just briefly, we’ve all been busy listing and selling this week which I’m quite surprised about considering the government’s decision to alter stamp duty rates as of the 1st of July which has ’stalled the market’. Fortunately, we’ve had purchasers keen to buy and buy now and this has resulted in excellent sales activity this week.

Monday’s sales meeting was ’mad’ with Bill presenting us with two new House & Land Package sales (one in Southern River and the other in Success) and then ’ruined’ us all by informing us that he has booked a month long cruise with his lovely wife, Leonie leaving from Venice the middle of next month.

The month of May has seen our Sales team challenged for the first time in our short history and I am thrilled to have witnessed the spirit of our people in striving hard to meet their targets. This month will go down as one of our best efforts yet as we continue to build our business.

Last Monday proved to be a big day for our Rental Department with Nuno and I adding four new managements to our portfolio. All houses this time with Shepherd Street Beaconsfield, Carrington Street Hilton, Lucca Court Coogee and Hobley Way Spearwood all being referred to us by our supporters out there.

Have a great long weekend everyone in W.A and we’ll be in touch again next Friday.

Rod Ryan

P.S Bill has just phoned to say that he has just listed 12 new House & Land packages between $350-$400,000 with some $27,000 worth of solar power system extras thrown in that we have to sell before he sets off on his cruise. Maybe if we do, we can all go with him….

Property Blog – Week 30

By Rod Ryan

Things have been going along quite steady this week until ’Cyclone Miguel’ blew back in from holidays overseas. He really does have a large loyal client base and he has certainly hit the ground running.

Sales have been relatively quiet this week with only a few contracts being completed. However, we’ve done a couple of conjunctional sales as well, one with Harcourts and one with Collet Realty. The interesting thing is that we are all extremely busy and doing some exceptional Real Estate which will bear fruit in the next few weeks and months.

Some of the standouts in what has been a really big listing week in Real Estate is an impressive 3 storey, ocean view home in Scarborough for just over the 2 million mark and a beautiful home in Success for $515,000.

I did the rounds the other night at home on the web and checked out what the opposition had on offer in their ’Properties for Lease’ sections and I was really chuffed to see that we’re not that far behind them. Our properties for lease in our Residential division up until only recently, used to be a blank sheet of paper however, I’m proud to report today that we now have a 4 page list with 9 properties on offer. Our Residential rental management is building at a rapid rate and it’s very pleasing.

Commercial Leasing is keeping our guys very busy and as a result this week, we’ve leased 3 large properties.

I haven’t caught up with all the details yet but I know Brendan had an appointment on Wednesday with some oil industry people from the Eastern States. They made it clear to him that they had until 2pm that day to wrap up a deal on a $45,000 per annum showroom in Cockburn Central. Brendan did the deal on that one and on the same day, negotiated another one in Cutler Road, Jandakot for around the $100,000 per annum mark.

To be honest, I’m terribly excited with the direction our Company is heading and being part of such a dynamic, extrememly talented group of young people is just wonderful.

We have a busy weekend coming up so it looks like being ’Another Big Week in Real Estate’. By the way, it is a really interesting business this Real Estate. I’ve just been informed that we have leased another large showroom and that the people are in the office with a cheque for $348,000 for the next 3 years rent. Looks like being an interesting afternoon.

Rod Ryan