Weekly Blog by Miguel De Freitas & Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 49

By Rod Ryan

I got a bit of a fright just before. I was driving back down the cappucino strip with Miguel on our way back to the office and the next thing I see, this massive big grey thing straight ahead of me (it’s an American warship in the port).

I thought, ’Oh no, they’ve read my last newsletter where I’ve been having a go at the American financial situation and they’re coming after me’.

It’s actually fantastic having the sailors in town. it really makes the whole town very vibrant, very busy and the locals get quite a few dollars going through the till which means they can buy a few more properties through De Freitas & Ryan.

Obviously there’s lots going on out there in the big wide world and there’s lots that’s been going on here at De Freitas & Ryan in what’s ’Been Another Big Week in Real Estate.’

Trav has just had a really big deal confirmed this morning and we’ve started the month of October really well. Bill wrapped one up yesterday which is good because things have been quiet in House & Land Packages. He’s a bit of a star he is our Bill and ’Well Done’, mate.

Everybody’s busy and the new office is coming along really well. I can’t stop dropping in and having a quick look at the progress each day.

We have had a wonderful reaction to our October Monthly E-Newsletter and if you get a chance, have a quick read.

Dalena keeps forwarding me emails that have come in from many different parts of the world regarding our e-newsletter and some of the comments are hilarious. It’s a great business this and we are able to do some amazing things with all the new technologies available.

Rentals have been a real ’slog’ this week with Nuno out nearly all day every day doing his October inspections and yet he has still managed to lease 5 properties this week (and Monday was a holiday).

Corey has just dropped in on his day off and looks like signing up a deal this afternoon, and I’ve got our new Salesperson, Sam (Salvatore) coming in to see me shortly to organise a few details.

We’ve had to put up with Rob and Rod for quite a while and now we’re going to have to get used to Sam and Sam. Yes, our Samantha is away on leave at the moment so when she gets back maybe she and our new Sam will have to work out who’s going to be who.

Busy as. Must go and thanks again for all the support regarding our e-newsletter and business in general. It’s been really great.

Catch you again next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 48

By Rod Ryan

Simply not enough hours in the day. I’ve got a ticket to the Grand Final and I’m supposed to be getting on a plane tonight but at this stage it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

We’ve been busy in all divisions again this week and on top of that we’ve given notice to leave our little Fremantle arcade shop. We’re extremely busy organising our move which will take place on the 10th November.

I’m really pleased with our new advertising format and it seems to be going over well with the public. Our business has been growing at a rapid rate and this has now resulted in us having to move to larger, much larger premises.

Last week, I was dealing with a Palmyra family in regard to the purchase of a block of land in Coogee when one thing lead to another and the husband enquired if we handled rental properties. I suggested that we arrange a time to discuss the handover of his property to our Company. I was informed that he didn’t have the time to look after his properties anymore and he would like De Freitas & Ryan to take over management.

Yesterday, our Property Manager, Nuno and his assistant Melita returned to the office all smiles as it turns out our new client has 7 properties under management and he has now appointed us as his Managing Agent.

You just never know what’s around the corner in this business and it’s a good feeling to still be loving what you do after being in the business for nearly 40 years.

Miguel just rushed off to the new office premises to meet with the tiler and I’ve just been informed the new kitchen has gone in and it looks great. The painters are in there at the moment and we’re all looking forward to choosing our offices.

Business has been really good this month considering what has been going on in the financial circles of the world. Here in W.A we seem to be sheltered somewhat in that there is just so much going on. I met with a really nice chap the other day at his property and I asked him exactly what he did for a living. He just laughed and said, “Do you really want to know?’ Travis, who was with me smiled and then for the next 10 minutes or so this chap rattled off about 10 different companies and enterprises he was involved in (from mining to plumbing).

Sam’s off on leave, Brendan’s organising the big wedding, Pete’s trying hard to get his first sale and all the rest of us are talking footy in what’s sure to be a wonderful Grand Final.

Catch you next week and I think it will be the Cats by 28 points.

P.S. Last week, we advertised our BLOG in the local community newspaper and our web designers tell us they are amazed at the traffic our web site is getting.

Thanks for the calls of support from those Real Estate bloggers out there and yes, we do have a busy but fun time at De Freitas & Ryan.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 47

By Rod Ryan

Well what a week it’s been in the universe let alone Real Estate. Eric Ripper is now the leader of the State Labour Party, Colin Barnett is our new Premier, America’s going down the gurgler and Bank West could be heading North. My dad always told me that if I was to succeed in business to stick to reading the Sports Pages and how true it is.

We’ve had a great week again with excellent results in all divisions. We’ve also had a new addition to our Sales Team in Mr. Peter Vinci who has already fitted in quite well. Nothing’s too much trouble and he’s happy to work under our current cramped conditions until we open our new Cockburn Central office.

Mr Peter Vinci (who we believe is a direct descendant of Leonardo). Congratulations and all the best from everyone at De Freitas & Ryan.

Talking about cramped conditions our Corey Paice has been that busy he’s had to employ a new personal assistant to help him with his work load. Amelie is also fitting in quite nicely and is putting herself forward as Receptionist at our new office.

We’ve been doing some serious Real Estate however a lot of it has been conditional upon council approval and in some instances, board approvals from large multinational companies. This week has been a big week for us in that area as we’ve had favourable confirmations on quite a few large transactions that you’ll probably read about in the business section of property news. Well done to our team as we are really taking it to the big boys out there.

Talking about big boys, it was the “twins” birthday this week. Yes, 17th of September is the birthday of both yours truly and Miguel De Freitas and Saturday night should prove to be a great night. Arnold Schwarzenegger Ryan turned 57 and Danny De Vito De Freitas turned the big 3-0, so how about that.

Miguel asked me to make sure I didn’t touch the bottom and I assured him that would never happen.

I continually mention that we are striving for excellence here at De Freitas & Ryan and continually aiming to build our business. I am proud to say that this is not going unnoticed by the public or the industry out there as the support for us continues to amaze me. Reputation is everything in this business and we’re doing everything we can to make sure ours will continue to exceed your expectations.

It’s Grand Final weekend next week, so the blog will most likely be coming to you from the M.C.G, that is of course unless the world financial markets don’t put it up for a mortgagees auction.

Catch you next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 46

By Rod Ryan

This is a fantastic business. It really is. Each day brings something different and boy something different occurred today. Robert has been telling me about this ’crazy’ property he’s listed for lease and how I really must make the time to see it. So after our meeting today, we all headed out to this former central Fremantle old warehouse and we couldn’t believe our eyes!

The property was built back in the early 1950’s and was used as a Commercial Property for all its life up until it was sold last year.

A lady with an appetite for hard work, lots of vision and to be honest, a fantastic positive attitude decided to turn this run down ugly warehouse into an inner city Fremantle home.

After four months of intensive renovations, the old building has had a total refit and is now a colourful, quirky, brilliant home. So special is this property, that it has been featured in home magazines and we must congratulate the lady for her new creation.

The property is for lease through our Commercial Division and would be highly suited for a business seeking a large open plan office with parking for up to eight vehicles.

To view further internal shots of this property enter the Commercial Leasing page on our website.

Back to the more normal side of things, ’It’s Been Another Big Week in Real Estate’ here at De Freitas & Ryan. Mig has been a bit off colour so we’ve all been avoiding him however, he’s been doing some fantastic Real Estate. Even though the market is a bit strange out there, we are still achieving some great results and that’s very pleasing.

Our rental side of things has gone up another level and we are extremely busy letting homes. I’ve been busy helping out with inspections, property condition reports and whatever else as we continue to add new properties to our rental portfolio. It’s a lot of hard work but it’s very rewarding being part of the development of this dynamic young company.

We’ve got an exciting time ahead of us as we continue to fine tune our business and work to grow our team.

Dalena has just written an advert for me as we begin the search for a new Sales Person.

We are desperately short of space, however with our new office in Cockburn Central opening soon, we hope we can make do until then.

We’ve had some excellent feedback from our E Newsletter and it’s a shame the major political parties didn’t take notice of the Dale Alcock article as maybe they might have been able to put on a better performance.

Anyway, it’s vote 1 for De freitas & Ryan and we’ll catch you all again next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 45

By Rod Ryan

My mobile phone rang on Wednesday morning this week and a rather deep voice said “Harris speaking Mr Ryan (from Kuala Lumpur) I would just like to inform you that, if you are going to send your E –newsletter around the world to important people like myself who have an interest in property in Western Australia, I suggest you proof read your E – newsletter first” . I apologised and said “ What have I done” and Mr Harris said “ I suggest you read the second last paragraph of your newsletter and maybe take a little “time” not tie in doing your proof reading in the future” .

Well at least it’s good to know that people are interested in what’s going on here at De Freitas & Ryan and it’s fantastic that we literally have people all over the world tuning into us.

It’s been Miguel, Corey and Brendan’s turn this week with strong sales results and boy has our office been busy. I’ve been on the road since 6am this morning looking at two properties in Mandurah and I’ve got an extremely busy few days ahead of me. Rentals went quiet for about a fortnight and our rental list of vacancies grew to 18, however we are knocking them off one after the other at the moment. Our rental people are having an extremely busy but satisfying time and we look as if we may have to yet again increase our staff to cope with the business.

Corey has just rolled into the office after doing 3 hours of card drops on the properties he’s been selling and he’s headed out again to do some more this afternoon.

Trav and Dalena are enjoying the East Coast this week and we’ve been trying really hard not to annoy them too much.

Sam has been organising another mass mail out for our commercial side of things and its all go at De Freitas & Ryan.

I haven’t had a chance to do last month’s report (I’ll wait until Dalena gets back), but it appears August was a very strong month in all divisions of our company.

It’s taken us a good twelve months to get out name out there, but we seem to be getting stronger and stronger as the months go by. The public seem to like the way we go about our business and continue to support us.

I can’t finish off the blog without recommending you go and see Corey’s new listing at 17 Toulon Grove, Coogee. It’s open this Saturday from 2:30 – 3:00pm and it’s one of the nicest “Wow Factor” homes I’ve seen priced at $1.1 million. It is worth every cent and will go this weekend.

Catch you again next week and thank you for making the TIME to read our blog.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 44

By Rod Ryan

Has it been a big week in real estate?

My word it has. I just had Robert come up to me and tell me that this is the best month he’s ever had in Real Estate (in twelve years) and I don’t think big Trav would be all the far behind him. We haven’t stopped this week with some fantastic sales results achieved by our team and the listings have been flowing in quite steadily.

We had some excellent results with our commercial leasing division and in fact Trav has just signed off on the largest lease our company has ever done and believe me, we’ve done some beauties.

Miguel’s all excited about his new leased stickers he personally designed and he too has been busy in the leasing area.

Yes, Miguel we think you’re very clever and yes we do like the new sticker Trav is holding very much.

Our man Nuno let 7 residential properties on Wednesday, which was good because it kept him quiet for a while. He is buzzing around today still trying to reach is monthly target.

I’m actually dictating this blog over the phone to our Sam as its 4 o’clock and I’ve got no chance of being back at the office, as like everybody else I’m flat out with appointments.

Another busy weekend coming up and all the guys are excited with their new listings that are advertised and the way things are headed September looks like being a huge month.

Off to the footy tonight to see Freo (or whats left of them) take on the Magpies and hopefully we can get a win.

Catch you next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 43

By Rod Ryan

Late appointments nearly every night this week but as they say, “You’ve got to grab it while you can’, and it certainly has been “Another Big Week In Real Estate.’

The Team continues to list and sell well and we’ve had some excellent results again this week. Travis has sold a property in the city on the corner of Newcastle and Fitzgerald Street and he has these two huge De Freitas & Ryan Commercial signs on it with Travis’ smiling face on them. The boys tried to convince him that it would be better for business if he placed the sold signs over his face but Trav wouldn’t have a bar of that kind of cover up.

Bill didn’t take long to get back in harness after the big cruise and everyone’s working really well. We’ve shot past last month’s figures and August is shaping up to be an exceptional month.

Our Property Management division is really busy as usual but the results have been down a bit this week which has our “Portuguese Man of War’ Nuno, really upset. He sets himself high targets, really works hard to achieve his goals and gets a bit down when he falls short.

We’ve got the grandson, Jet Ryan coming into the office today to take us out to lunch so maybe he can give Nuno a bit of a rocket when he gets here.

Life’s pretty good in the Property business at the moment and with all the talk of interest rate reductions, the future appears extremely bright.

We had another two deals arrive from our Eastern States consultants this week with the promise of more again next week.

I also had a good call from an old First National Real Estate mate of mine in who is keen to link up with our business now that he has resigned from the First National Group. He has some really exciting property in the Docklands area and I’m sure we will be able to work in well together.

Miguel’s just tapped me on the shoulder and informed me that one of his clients who owns 5 Residential properties wants us to take over the management so that might brighten up our mate, Nuno.

We’ve got an Auction on tomorrow at 30 Ashbourne Way, Hamilton Hill which we’re hoping to do well with and we’ve got some other really good property advertised which should prove quite fruitful.

We’re off to the footy Sunday as guests of The West Australian so we better give them a bit of a plug as well. Let’s hope local boy Buddy Franklin kicks his 100th goal and that the Eagles have a great win.

Tony from Karratha dropped into our office this week and told us how he enjoys reading our blog each week as it keeps him in touch with his Property interests here in White Gum Valley.

I’m off to a valuation in Beaconsfield so I’ll catch you again next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 42

By Rod Ryan

Well it’s certainly been “A Big Week In Real Estate’ and in fact it’s been a big week full stop.

Last night at 1:30am the phone rang at the Ryan household and our very excited daughter, Laura was yelling at the top of her voice that her baby was on the way.

At 7:06am weighing at 3.2 kilos and measuring 49cm, Taleyah El Alami entered the world. Everyone is over the moon and proud dad, Farouk, hasn’t stopped crying. It’s been a very special 15th August 2008.

Back on the Real Estate front, we have had an extraordinarily busy week. We’ve sold quite a few million dollars worth of property this week and our leasing results have been quite spectacular. We’ve literally run out of our big “Leased’ signs so it’s on the phone today to order some more.

Our Rental Department has been growing at an amazing rate and I’m very proud of our achievements and the fact that people are being referred to us on a regular basis. So busy have we been in fact, that we have had to find an assistant for Nuno, our Property Manager, and what an assistant have we found!

After a career spanning 15 years with Christian Dior and regarded as the number one person in the country in her field, Melita Ryan has now joined our company. Melita’s role is to assist our Property Manager, learn the business and then it’s up to her how far she wants to take it. Watch this space as once this dynamic lady finds her feet, she’ll prove to be a huge asset to this business.

Unfortunately for us, Joseph Castaldi resigned from our Company to take up a position in his father’s automotive business. Joey has done extremely well here but has been given a great opportunity to go into business with his father, Joe. We are all thrilled for him. All the best mate, and thanks for your contribution as a foundation member of our business.

It’s been a funny couple of months in this business but we all seem to be really busy. We are continually looking to improve and grow the business and it’s all coming together well.

We’ve got a busy weekend coming up and I haven’t had a lot of sleep so I’ll catch you next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 41

By Rod Ryan

Well the 08.08.08 has finally arrived and I’m certainly in Olympics mode. I’ve polished up the leather couch, moved the coffee table into position and moved the frige and pantry into the new “plasma room” .

The Chinese certainly are big on their numbers and the superstitions that go with them. One of my favourite Real Estate stories involves the lucky number 8 and the Chinese superstition in regard to the number 4.

Two old Real Estate mates of mine from back in in the 80’s (who incidentally both tell me they read our blog) Donald Poon and Ray Trowthe, were both working for Real Estate companies in Doncaster Road, Doncaster. Peter Parkes and L.R Jackson respectively.

Ray wasn’t happy that Donald used to park his big old red Ford fairlane right in front of Ray’s office which meant “Trowthy” had to park his Jag in the car park out the back.

I jokingly told Ray that that was easy to fix as Donald, who I knew well, was a very proud and superstitious Chinese man. I told Ray the best thing he could do was to paint 4 4 4 (triple death) in the parking bay at the front of his office and it would be ’’hasta la vista’’. About a week later I received a call from a joyish Ray Trowthe telling me Donald hadn’t parked anywhere near his office and that he had been frightened off by the three 4’s Ray had painted on the road. The Jag was once again sitting proudly outside Ray’s office.

Donald these days is still selling Real Estate in and Ray is involved in Mortgage Finance in Sydney.

We’ve been busy as usual with listing and selling but the market overall is in a pretty quiet phase. We’re all working extremely hard and excited about the progress our business is making.

Mark Temple, a former work colleague of ours was in town this week and we were thrilled to have him address our sales meeting. Mig and I are confident that we’ll be able to once again have Mark join us in the business which would be a real coup for us. Mark is currently living and working in Adelaide, but we’ve already started to put in the ground work to get him back.

After nearly 40 years in the business I was involved in my very first rental eviction this week and I must say the local Bailiff certainly earnt his money. Not a pleasant experience but it’s all part of the business and now hopefully all parties involved can move forward.

It’s all go here this morning as we gear up for another busy weekend and whats sure to be ’’Another Big Week In Real Estate’’.

Good luck to all the Aussie athletes.

Catch you next week.

Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 40

By Rod Ryan

Well Trav didn’t sell the Mukinbudin Town Hall last week but he had a wonderful and rewarding time with hundreds of young basketball enthusiasts from the district. He remarked, “It’s good to give something back to the community.’ Trav certainly enjoyed his time at Mukinbudin.

“It’s Been Another Big Week in Real Estate’ at De Freitas & Ryan and today is the day we will be doing all my business reporting and I already know it’s going to be good.

We had some good fortune in July with some large gains in new managements (Commercial and Residential) all mainly as a result of referrals from existing clients however I am thrilled with the effort being put in by all members of the Company. Even our Strata Management division is suffering growing pains and Sam has just informed me that we need a larger shelving system to handle our rapidly growing property files.

Bill’s back from the cruise and hasn’t “fired a shot’ yet but he’s off and running again as of this weekend.

The Sales Team is busy, busy, busy, and we had an excellent sales week to finish off the month in style. Listings are keeping us occupied daily and local people will see from our “For Sale’ signs that we have lots going on.

We’ve also had some meetings with developers over the past few weeks that we are excited about. One development is for 15 lakeside office buildings and the good news is they want us to be involved from day one and to manage the whole project. Another development is for a large number of factory showrooms and we think we have a good chance of securing the management rights for the development as well.

I’ve got lots on again today but it’s all good fun and a great experience working with such a dedicated team. Thanks for the phone calls this week from our Real Estate fans out there and well done Jenny from Glenelg in South Australia for obtaining your Real Estate Licence.

Catch you next week.

Rod Ryan

P.S: Our August Edition of the E-Newsletter has just gone out so make sure you register online to receive your issue.