Weekly Blog by Miguel De Freitas & Rod Ryan

 Property Blog – Week 538

13th July 2018

Old Friday the 13th hey. We better be a bit careful with what we do today but anyway I’m sure the sun will rise again tomorrow.

We were approached some months ago by a delightful young man who had been trying to obtain a career in Real Estate. Well we gave him an opportunity at our Wanneroo office on a work experience basis and he did really well. Sadly we have not been able to find a spot for Kat (Kat is originally from Africa and his full name is Katleho Mpho) however our Perth office needed some further support in their growing property management department, so guess who got the call up. Well done Kat and thank you so much Luke and Kayleigh at Wanneroo for investing so much time into this fine young man.

On the subject of Luke and Kayleigh, boy are they are doing well. Luke has just booked four auctions and he’s also been getting some “Big Fish” over the line. Kayleigh continues to build that very special rental portfolio and with support from people of the calibre of Anna and Sue, I’d hate to be in opposition to her in the Northern suburbs.

We’ve had a few of our “Big Guns” away on leave but it’s still been all systems go here at Defreitas & Ryan. Some special events on the horizon but that’s another story.

Well done to all our Croatian and French staff who definitely will be missing in action on Monday following the world cup final on Sunday morning. Mig and I will also be getting together to watch it with Mig wearing his Cristiano Ronaldo Guernsey.

Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel Defreitas, Rod Ryan and the team at Defreitas & Ryan.

Property Blog – Week 537

6th July 2018

It certainly has been another big week in figures this week with our Admin people collating all our end of financial year figures. Some really surprising results and I am pleased to report that we have passed our business medical with flying colours and have a clean bill of health. Well done to all our offices for excellent results in what has been a most challenging year.

Now we have to do it all over again and we know before we start that this year will also be a most challenging year but as they say in the movies “Bring it On”

We have had some really interesting situations at our Rockingham office this week involving hidden cameras in rental properties along with claims that one of our properties may have been used as a drug house. Never a dull moment however nothing our wonderful property managers can’t handle.

Back to the end of financial year stuff, I must say it is really interesting going over the figures and comparing each year and each office and as our accountant said it’s simply a case of there is no place to hide. Anyway we are certainly motivated to improve on this last year as we have been doing consistently for eleven years now.









School Holidays at Defreitas & Ryan.

Heaps to do today so we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan.

Property Blog – Week 536

29th June 2018

It certainly has been another big week in Real Estate with all our offices working hard to squeeze the last drop out of what has been a most challenging financial year. We all know business is tough however if your attitude is right you can still do pretty well as our results certainly indicate.

Travis and Dalena are having an end of financial year staff lunch today and sadly Rod and I haven’t been invited but that’s simply because word has it we’ll eat all their prawns. Well done Trav and Dalena, you’ve had a great year and you should be so proud of what you have achieved.

Rod and I had a great meeting at Wanneroo office yesterday and they too are in great shape and looking forward to building on their success of this financial year. Well done Luke and Kayleigh and all the team up there. You’re all terrific.

Rockingham has had a most pleasing year as well with all our staff being A graders. We’ve just done the end of financial year figures and the turnaround from last year has been amazing. Thrilled to bits with all the ladies (including Milton) and now that all the “clean up” is complete, we can really build our business down there. It’s been a big month sales wise with Sir Milton “strutting his stuff” again this month.

Our “monster” office in Cockburn has continued to “rumble along” and again thank you to our wonderful staff who continue drive and build our business.

Across the road at our commercial (Hollywood) office we have finished off what can only be described as a brilliant year.

Melita picked the tigers last night and missed the margin by only four points so she’s looking pretty good to move further up the leader board on the 6PR ($10,000) football tipping competition. We are all starting to believe she can win it so long as she continues to ignore her husband’s input.










Our general manager Sue Totterdell hard at work with all the end of financial year wrap up.

Well done to all concerned right across our company and we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan.

Property Blog – Week 535

22nd June 2018

HO,HO,HO well as we know it’s certainly not Christmas but with all the excitement in our office at the moment you’d certainly think it was. David La Rosa has just received the news that he was Rookie of the month for the month of May and yes a great effort coming in at number one in the state. A fine young man and a great asset to our dynamic sales team and company – watch this space as this ‘Kid’ is a star.









Congratulations David La Rosa.

Now talking about stars, our ‘Hot Shot’ residential rental business development manager Melita Ryan has has hit the leaderboard on the 6PR Footy Tipping competition. Currently sitting in 10th place only three off the pace is our Melita.Sadly she picked the Eagles last night which was a case of ‘No Appearance your Worship’ so that might put a bit of a dent in her chances. Anyway well done and lets hope you win as she’s been so excited she’s already spent the $10,000 prize money.









Melita Ryan sure can ‘Pick em’ (with the exception of husbands)

We are not breaking any sales records this month however, our residential and commercial leasing divisions continue to do well. We have a lot going on in all areas of our business and we must be doing something right as we just  paid the tax office enough money to keep our navy afloat. Don’t mind paying tax but seriously sometimes you seem to be ‘chasing your tail’.

Sadly we lost a few long term property owners this week who we have been managing their rental properties for years. Due to a change in market values and their employment situations, they have been forced to hand back their properties to their mortgagee and we of course lose business and excellent clients who have become friends.

Anyway onwards and upwards as we keep working hard to do the right thing by our clients.

We’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan.

Property Blog – Week 534

15th June 2018

It hasn’t been another big week in Real Estate in fact it’s been a huge week in Real Estate here at De Freitas & Ryan with some amazing things going on. Yes we’ve been selling the odd house and leasing many more but the real news is every now and then in this business you get what we call a “Red Letter Day” and that is when something very special happens. Our Perth office this week has just added a major client to it’s management portfolio in the form of many, many, many, new managements I won’t put down the exact amount, I will only say a big congratulations to Travis and Dalena for having built such a wonderful reputation which has resulted in the public having the confidence and trust in De Freitas & Ryan to select us as their exclusive managing agents. Well done boys and girls at the Perth office.









Client Stephen Knight, Melita & Rod Ryan in Bali (Photo courtesy of the Australia Taxation Office)

Now Melita and I had a short break and visited Jakarta and Bali last week and while we were there we caught up with a good friend and insurance client Stephen Knight. Had a great night at Sardines and can’t wait to do it all again. While we were away everyone back here was hard at work continuing to build our brand and how lucky are we that we have such a wonderful organisation that allows us to enjoy some time out.

We have been quite busy this week (not quite as busy as Travis) and we have had some excellent results. It is quite interesting to note that our residential rental vacancy rates have been consistently reducing and that is certainly good news for our clients. It is also good news for our staff as it takes a lot of pressure.

Anyway must go as we have lot’s to do. Listing a home in Beverley For Sale this afternoon can you believe. Any excuse to jump in the car and head east to beautiful Beverley.

We’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan


Property Blog – Week 533

8th June 2018

It’s been another big week in Real Estate with all of our offices leasing and selling properties all across town. Whilst our illustrious leader Rod has been in Bali getting some well-earned R&R his Cockburn office has been extremely busy leasing 6 properties this month and Gary Stacey has sold his second property.










A big congratulation goes out to the boys and girls at our Rockingham office as they had an outstanding month in May leasing 21 properties for the month and also welcomed a new member into the property management team, we all wish Mairead the best in her Real Estate career.

Luke and Kayleigh are running out of properties to lease with only four vacancies at present, so if you have any friends or family with properties in the Wanneroo area, please give them a call on 9306 1202.

With Nathan Fyfe ineligible for this year’s Brownlow Rod is really starting to talk up his chances, good luck Rod lol

I’m racing off to finalise a lease at Tesla Road Rockingham and look forward to the coming weekend as it has been a hectic short week.

We’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan.

Property Blog – Week 532

1st June 2018

It’s been another big week in Real Estate that’s for sure. As everyone is aware the end of financial year is just around the corner and we can report that the WA property market in some segments appears to be improving.  Our vacancy rate in our residential offices has shown great improvement with Wanneroo and Rockingham’s vacancy rate below 3% and Perth and Cockburn below 5%. It may appear rents have now hit the bottom and stabilised and we all finally have some reprieve.

Our commercial office has had an outstanding year to date, with the commercial sales and leasing team having their best month yet and all departments showing good growth across the board.

Young David from our Cockburn office is pretty excited to have just listed 2 fantastic properties on the market in Yangebup that he says will bolt out the door.

Maddy from our Rockingham office who has been with us for just over a month now celebrated her 30th birthday yesterday so a big happy birthday to her. Milton celebrated by selling a great little property in Rockingham.

I’m racing off to the 6PR studio where I will be live on air at 3:20pm with Oly Peterson to announce the Local Legend for May, make sure you tune in to 882 for that.

We hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. Stay safe and remember double demerits are in place till Monday evening and we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan.

Property Blog – Week 531

25th May 2018

Well Prince Harry is now officially off the market but it doesn’t matter as we’ve been putting a lot of new property on the market. Well done boys and girls and yes all that hard work is paying off. Nothing really stands out too much in what has been just another very normal big week in Real Estate.

Migi and I went to a benchmarking dinner the other night sponsored by Macquarie Bank and gee it was a real eye opener. We both learnt a lot including that India will have a larger population than China in seven years time and that India’s population has a lot younger demographic due to China’s one child policy. Really interesting stuff.

Our commercial office has been leading the way this week with some wonderful leasing results and our man Dave is all smiles after selling his Raffles apartment prior to auction. Not appreciated Dave, I was really looking forward to “strutting my stuff” down there in a few weeks time however I must admit you’ve done a great job.

Migi and I are off to the opening of Summit Homes multimillion dollar new office on Leach Highway this afternoon and then on Sunday we’re off to the footy to see Fremantle knock off the Kangaroos. If it stops raining a bit maybe we will sell a few properties as well.

We’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan.

Property Blog – Week 530

18th May 2018

Now Migi “the marvel” is winging his way to London as a last minute call up to walk his old friend Megan down the aisle at the Royal Wedding, leaving us all here to battle away in what can only be described as a “Battle Royal” market. We’re making sales and we’re leasing a lot of properties both residential and commercial but gee it’s hard work. A lot of our clients are being “squeezed” financially at the moment and we really have to allow a bit for them and support them during the bad times as well as the good.







Now talking about times being tough, Luke at our Wanneroo office has just informed me that he has just been appointed to auction three homes where the banks have now taken possession. Yes it is difficult times out there in the market place, however it does create opportunities for astute buyers to take advantage of the current market.

Sir Milton Coombe just called me from our Rockingham Office to advise that our auction of a 100 acre rural property in Busselton is all shaping up well and he also wanted to know if we needed to stay down there on the Friday night before the auction. I explained to Milton that I am a married man and declined his offer. In all seriousness ladies and gentleman this site is a beauty and you should call Milton direct on 0421 757 219 to get some more details.

Now thanks to our friends at 6PR we have scored some tickets to the big Eagles V Richmond game on Sunday. Pretty exciting and even though Migi will be really jet lagged following his London trip, it should be a great afternoon.

Lots to do, really must go as even though it is tough out there as you can see we’re still busy and having a lot of fun.

Go Freo, Go Eagles, Go Prince Harry and we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the Team at De Freitas & Ryan

Property Blog – Week 529

11th May 2018

Wow what a week. We seem to be “putting a lot of fires out” this week as you can probably see and smell in the air all around Perth at the moment but that’s nothing compared to what’s going on at our beloved Fremantle Football Club. Less said the better but watch this space.

Migi and I went to one of our commercial clients homes in beautiful Coogee last Friday afternoon to help them remove a large olive tree from their front garden. After a lot of work we were able to dig it out and replace it with a beautiful frangipani. Now listen to this. At 5:30am the next morning (courtesy of the owners hi tech surveillance cameras) some “bunny” wearing a hoody climbs up onto the elevated garden bed and steals the plant and runs off down the street. But that’s not all folks. To our clients surprise Mr Bunny then decided for whatever reason this is not a good thing to do, so at 8:30pm the frangipani is dumped back in the driveway of their home by the same hooded hero. We do live in a strange world these days don’t we?










We’ve had a few good sales this week, one in particular to our company plumbers or at least that was the “leak” from our commercial office. Phil Cook has just sold a beautiful home in Safety Bay and yes it’s been a good week all-round. Zirkea at Rockingham has reported a real “spike” in the number of homes they are leasing down there and the same applies at Cockburn.

Sir Milton Coombe is getting some good enquiries on his 100 acre farm we’re auctioning in a couple of weeks and Dave is looking forward to opening up his “plum” in the Raffles building. Luke at Wanneroo has two “bank auctions” coming up in a few weeks time, so yours truly is going to be a busy, busy boy.

We are all working extremely hard and extremely well, so we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the Team at De Freitas & Ryan