How do we appoint De Freitas & Ryan to handle our strata complex?

If it is a brand new development then it is usually the developer who will work together with us in establishing the strata management. Once all the units are sold and a council of owners appointed it is up to them to either continue with De Freitas & Ryan or appoint an alternative strata manager. Usually once people experience our service it is rare that we would lose our agency appointment.

Now in the case of ongoing established strata, should the council of owners feel the need to change strata managers all that is required is a meeting with our company so we can have a quick overview of the current management. De Freitas & Ryan would then put forward a formal costing and management proposal for consideration.

If our proposal was acceptable we would then contact the current managing agents and arrange for a smooth handover of all financial and administrative details to our company. We would then arrange a special meeting to introduce ourselves as your new strata managers and move forward in a positive and conscientious manner.

Please contact our strata manager Leonie Blakemore on (08) 6399 6800 or email Leonie