Weekly Blog by Miguel De Freitas & Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 514


19th January 2018


What a week. It all started with Mig and I launching our new initiative on Perth Live Radio 6PR with host Oly Petterson – Yes our new initiative is all about getting Perth moving again by applauding Perth people who are making a difference out there in the world of business. Yes no more pushing negative buttons people, only positive ones from now on and you watch this wonderful state fly.

In the studios with Oly

Very busy week again this week in all offices and as I’ll be discussing on the Real Estate program tomorrow, right across the board activity is so much stronger than this time last year. It looks like being an excellent year with a lot of pent up demand driving the market.

Now I have to rush as my wife Melita has a sore back and she needs me to assist her with two appraisals, so we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan

Property Blog – Week 513

January 12th 2018


Yes, it certainly has been another big week in Real Estate with all guns firing. Sir Milton Coombe has returned from the land of the Kiwi and has hit the ground running with offers flying everywhere, His gone from counting sheep to counting deals and with his personal assistance Vanessa, we are headed for record months at Rockingham.

Lukey boy, up at our Wanneroo office is the same as he said in his words “We’ve jumped out of the blocks” and they are very busy up there. He also advises me that today they look like picking up 10 rental managements, so good luck with all that.

Travis at our Perth office is also very busy, as we are at the Commercial office and here at the Cockburn office. Phil and I listed 5 new properties for sale this week so it looks like we are in for a good month.  Some really good properties with nice owners that are keen to sell.

Residential rentals are very busy but that is always the case in January so we are prepared for that. Again, Melita has been picking up some excellent new business and that’s going well in that area also.

Monday is a big day for our company when Miguel and I will be launching our big new exciting initiative on 6PR with radio host Oly Peterson. Listen in between 3 and 6pm if you can, it will be good.

On that note, we’ll catch you next week for another big week in Real Estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas and Ryan

Property Blog – Week 512

January 5th 2018


Well we all survived the Christmas Break with just a few stragglers making their way back to work via New Zealand, Bali and Streaky Bay. From all reports the “skin folds” are acceptable and everyone is raring to go. December had mixed results for us as you can expect, however January has started off extremely well.

Phil picked up a lovely new residential property for sale in Success yesterday and it appears John, Robyn and Dave have quite a few things “in the pipes” at our Cockburn office.

Trav and the team are about to install their new marketing signs in their fancy new office in Perth and Rockingham and Wanneroo are just getting things in order ready for what will be an exciting year.

Our commercial boys and girls are still boasting about their December efforts however it’s already a case of head down, bottoms up in our very very busy commercial department.
I’m trying to avoid all the chocolate and cake that is on the table, so we’ll catch you next week after another big week in real estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas and Ryan

Property Blog – Week 511


15th December 2017


This might turn out to be one of the biggest weeks we’ve ever had in real estate following our meeting with Radio 6PR. We have now confirmed that we will be the sponsors of a very significant push to get Perth businesses moving again. So watch this space as 2018 unfolds. A special thanks to Oliver Peterson, host of Perth Live in the 3pm – 6pm time slot weekdays. He’s a super guy and a super talent and we’re super excited.

The sales and leases are still coming in the door and it has now become very obvious that the residential sales and rental market is starting to improve. The commercial market continues to build and this month alone has seen literally millions of dollars in deals done and some amazing leases signed off on. Yes 2018 could be a great year the way things are shaping up.

Now we had our Kris Kringle in our office this morning and what a fun time that was. Well done ladies for all your organising and Rod has already started reading his Paul Mc Cartney Biography. I think it’s going to take him a while as he’s just had a hard day’s night and he’s been sleeping like a log.

Our Christmas party is on a little later this afternoon so maybe we’ll hold the press and put through a few pics for you to enjoy.














Take it easy everyone and we’ll catch you again next year after what has been a most difficult but satisfying 2017.

Merry Christmas and thank you for all your wonderful support again this year.


Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan

Property Blog – Week 510

8th December 2018

As our lovely Trust Account Manager Marcia just remarked “this year has nearly gone Boss, how fast has it gone!” “I guess that’s what happens when we’re all so busy.”

I’d certainly have to agree and as my dear 92 year old mum would say, “Life is like a toilet roll son, the closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.” Well enough about all that and let’s see what’s been happening in the world of Real Estate this week.

Surprisingly all offices are reporting strong activity and enquiry even though we are at the beginning of the “Silly Season”.

Some excellent results still coming through and well done to everyone for remaining focused at this time. Migi & Robbo are the most popular people in the company at the moment as the line at their office doors continues to grow with staff holding up signs saying “Crayfish Wanted”. They have been doing well again this year so they are not only top performers in the Real Estate business but top performers out on the ocean.

Lukey boy from her Wanneroo office has the gig on the radio tomorrow morning so he’ll be up all night tonight rehearsing his lines. Old Mr Smooth Travis was on last week and I’m surprised 6PR hasn’t approached him to be a permanent broadcaster. He is really very good and unlike us sticks to the truth, good luck tomorrow Luke and wow all those English residents north of the river.

Now we’ve had a few Christmas shots taken in the last few days so I’ll try and see if we can’t get at least a couple of them up so you can see how handsome we all are.


Anyway time to go, we’ll catch you next week which will be our last Blog for 2017 – Can you believe that!

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas & Ryan.

Property Blog – Week 509



1st December 2018


How’s that. Its Summer time here in the beautiful West of Australia and that means we’re busy, busy, busy in the real estate “caper”. Aside from a few weeks in December and January, It is an extremely busy time for us particularly in property management in the later part of January. Any way we’ll catch our breath over the Christmas break and then roar into 2018.

Well done to all our offices on a big November which was a much improved result after a sluggish October. Our commercial boys and girls have also been extremely busy and the results in that area have been quite outstanding.

Sir Milton Coombe is off to his native New Zealand for a few days over the Christmas period but the boys and girls down at Rockingham have been trying to talk him into going to Bali so that they may be able to get an extended break from him. His new Personal Assistant Vanessa is already struggling to keep up with this very, very busy Kiwi.

Luke had a compliance visit from the department yesterday and passed with flying colours – well done Luke but we all know it was wife Kayleigh that would have made sure everything was as it should be. Well done with what you are doing up there and keep up the good work.

We have a new member of staff at our Rockingham office who has taken on the Assistant role with our “super star” Property Manager Zirkea Krige. Adele is already “on song” according to Zirkea and we couldn’t be happier with the way things are going at Rockingham. After a complete “re build” this year we are excited with what 2018 will bring forward after all the hard work this year. We are building our business every month and with Milton “killing it” with the sales, it is most exciting.

Last Saturday Rod and I Auctioned a property in Mandurah that was listed by our young Rockingham cadet Harley Murphy and it was sold under the hammer for $215,000. He’s doing really well is our Harley and Nicole is to be congratulated for all the expert guidance she has been giving him.


Time to go and we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in real estate.



Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas and Ryan

Property Blog – Week 508


Friday 24th November 2017


Two Auctions on tomorrow so that should finish off what has been another big week in Real Estate here at De Freitas and Ryan. We all seem to be busy and the results are coming through, but all reports this week are that we haven’t broken any records this month.

Christmas is just around the corner and to be honest we are all looking forward to a bit of a break.

Now after ten years in business we have collected a lot of files and company records and storage then becomes a problem. That is of course until big Trav at our Perth office goes and opens up his new office in one huge building complete with its own warehouse. Thanks Trav. Rod and I will be up there in the next couple of weeks stacking the shelves with many archived boxes of files. Don’t forget to send us an invoice for storage Trav as this will be of great assistant to us.


Outside broadcast with 6PR last Saturday


Last Saturday Rod and I ventured out to Rose Hill Waters Estate in South Guildford for an outside broadcast with 6PR’s real estate program. Harvey Deegan was at his best along with Damian Collins, vice president of REIWA and it was a really great experience. It’s a fabulous estate and the developer Peter Bourke should be really proud of what he has put forward.

Must go, lots to do so we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in real estate.



Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas and Ryan



Property Blog – Week 507


Friday 17th November 2017


It certainly has been another big week in real estate with happy John bringing down the hammer at our Auction in Kardinya last Saturday at $538,000. Well done John, well done Miguel, another Auction success for the mighty De Freitas and Ryan.

The girls and boys at our Rockingham office are continuing to push forward in their quest to become the area’s leading agents. We’ve got some great people on board down there and the future is looking extremely bright.

Luke and kayleigh’s new Property Manager at our Wanneroo office has begun very strongly and has already helped our property management team reach another milestone in our number of properties under management. It has been a lot of hard work over the past 18 months, however we are all thrilled with where our office is now positioned in the market place.

Sir Milton Coombe has been approached by the Labour Party to take over in one of their parliamentary seats, however sadly he’s had to decline due to the fact he’s just found out that he is a dual citizen with his actual knighthood being bestowed on him in his native New Zealand. Sir Milton has been feeling a little “sheepish” about the whole saga, however he has decided to continue on with his real estate career and concentrate on office politics instead of federal politics.

Big Trav up in our Perth office has had a call up from the Perth wildcats to re-join the fold but again he’s told them he’s too busy selling property, so they’ll have to look elsewhere for another big point guard.

We are all off to the beautiful Lorenza’s Christmas party this afternoon and Rod (the non-drinker) Ryan will be our company skipper to make sure everybody behaves themselves and gets home safe. Lorenza’s company LDL Settlement Services is of great assistance to our sales team and we are all looking forward to showing our appreciation today.

No Auctions tomorrow, however next Saturday we have two, one in South Lake and one in Mandurah, so Rod has already started polishing the bell and oiling up the gavel.


We will catch you next week after another big week in real estate.




Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and all the team at De Freitas and Ryan


Property Blog – Week 506

Weekly Blog by Miguel De Freitas and Rod Ryan



Friday 10th November 2017


Interesting response from our monthly newsletter which to be honest we were in two minds about distributing because we weren’t keen to be seen as being political, however in the end we did what we felt right about and it appears we haven’t upset anyone.

Now we’ve got an Auction on tomorrow at 1 o’clock at 49 Petterson Avenue in Kardinya. There has been some solid interest, so hopefully we’ll be able to bring the hammer down and have another Auction success for our clients. Rod’s been in Bali this week so he should be all relaxed and ready to say sold instead of “transport” as he would have undoubtedly heard a few times over the past week.

We’re all excited as we’ve secured our seats at the new stadium so that was definitely a case of kicking goals this week. On the subject of kicking goals, our Robyn has sold two this week, one in Mount Pleasant and another one in Munster, Dave has also sold two and happy John says he’ll sell Kardinya tomorrow. Hey Rod, what about staying away again next week.

Our commercial office has been firing this week as well with some fantastic big leases being done by our boys and girls.

Rockingham, Perth and Wanneroo are all happy and at Cockburn we said goodbye to Iain Mack  Johnston, who has left here after three wonderful years as a Property Manager. Iain is a great guy with a wonderful family and he will be sadly missed.

Time to go. Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in real estate.




Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas and Ryan

Property Blog – Week 505

By Miguel De Freitas and Rod Ryan


Friday 3rd November


Yes it has been another big week in Real Estate and it could have been an even bigger week if we had sold our two Auctions last Saturday, but sadly we fell a bit short. Never mind they are great properties and our commercial boys and girls will get the job done.

Now happy John and Rod’s race to 100 kilo’s is really starting to gain momentum with Rod tearing up the local pool while happy John is out buying a new wardrobe. Between the two of them they have lost about a Melbourne Cup jockey with happy John in front by a short half head.

Well done to our wonderful Property Management teams both residential and commercial for what was a record month in October. As for our sales side of things, come on boys and girls lift your game. Anyway it’s all a bit of fun at the end of the day but we must seriously congratulate Sir Milton Coombe at our Rockingham office for an outstanding sales performance in October.

There is a lot going on in our young company at the moment. We are adding new staff to assist with a growing business and we are really going for it at the moment. A lot of new business is coming in the door and we’re keen to service it.

Have to go. Lot’s to do, so we’ll catch you again next week after another big week in Real Estate.


Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan and the team at De Freitas and Ryan